What a difference a day makes

Today, I woke up to a tiny human voice telling me, “It’s time to get up, Mommy!”

Today, I drank hot chocolate and listened to country music on blast while cruising down Capital.

Today, I went to Crossfit, my home away from home, and pushed my body as hard as I could, PR’ing my hang cleans AND my deadlifts. I can now hang clean 105 pounds and deadlift 185 pounds.

Today, I went to Panera for HOURS and edited my novel and a short story from my workshops in Vienna.

Today, I felt alive again.

Today, I felt inspired again.

Today, I was myself.

Today, I felt happiness again.

I know a day is only one day. But today, even though it is only three, has been a really great day. I hope I can continue this. I want to keep growing and coping, in the healthiest ways possible. I want to be the best version of myself and be capable of being strong for my family.

Today, I started that journey.