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6 Must-See Places in Ireland & Northern Ireland

  During my two and a half week stay in Ireland last summer I was happy to have found many wonderful destinations within Ireland and Northern Ireland. I put together this quick reference guide for anyone planning a trip and wondering where the must-see spots are. While they may be all over the place, they are TOTALLY worth the car rental (and yes, you must rent one and drive on the LEFT side of the road). Don’t worry, if I can manage driving the Ring of Kerry on the left side of the road – anyone can…

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A Day Tour to The Giant’s Causeway

*Please note that this is a sponsored post. While I may have received compensation or free product, my opinions are still my own. I was lucky enough to have a free day while I was staying in Dublin, Ireland for my MFA program, and I just had to use that day to explore Northern Ireland. Because I only had one day, I searched to find a tour that spent the most time at the places I wanted to go. This meant that the tour I ended up choosing left at 6:30am! I chose this jam-packed trip from City…

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My Favorite Bars and Restaurants in Vienna

When you spend two weeks somewhere, you figured out what your favorite places to eat are and you tend to frequent them. Our hotel was right next to Santos, so I probably ate there more than two hands worth in my time in Vienna. I like to think they knew me well before I left. Another place I loved to drink at was 1516. I went on a few tinder dates there actually, and even ran into my cousin there on the 4th of July. So without further ado, here are my six favorite restaurants in Vienna!   The Top…

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6 Must-Do Summer Activities in Vienna With Kids

    Last summer I was lucky enough to spend two weeks staying in Vienna, Austria for school. With each passing day, I fell in love with the city even more. Between the rich musical history, beautiful architecture, and great food and beer selections, there’s never a shortage of things to do. I plan on taking my son back with me someday, and if I do, these are the top six things I’d do with him. My list for adults is quite different, and I’ll be posting that soon. In the meantime, check out…

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Where to Stay & What to Do in Curacao

  What is Curacao? For those of you who don’t already know, Curacao is the southernmost Caribbean Island. It is one of the “ABC” islands that consists of Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao. They are known for their great diving locations, unique culture and all of their residents speaking four languages… that’s right… FOUR! It truly is a beautiful island and many people have never heard of it, unfortunately. But, with recent education and more frequent flights to the country, it is steadily growing as a hot destination in the Caribbean! I was lucky…

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