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Hi! I’m Katie. I have a tiny human that calls me mom. I spend a lot of my time writing for my MFA creative writing program. I have an obsession with lipstick because Sephora is evil and addicting. My friends nicknamed me Krumbles in college because they couldn’t pronounce my Greek last name. Also, I really am Greek. And Irish. And Scottish. And English. And German. Okay, fine, I’m a mutt but I swear I have more in me than Irish. Don’t let the red hair fool you!

When I was just a little child, my parents threw me into a Canadian maroon van  that had blinds on the window, seated next to my brother, and headed for our next adventure. I fell asleep, my mouth wide open, drool slowly dripping down my chin, and when I awoke, we were in another country. This is how I spent three years of my childhood, traipsing around Europe every weekend with my family. Needless to say, ever since I’ve been chasing my next adventure while writing any kind of story I can. Whether it’s a young adult fiction novel, a travel dating story, or my struggles as a single mom, I love writing in any of its forms. I also love dark rum, a craft porter, dogs, binge watching shows on Netflix & Hulu, and organizing my life into a planner. I’d love to hear from you! Please use the contact info below to reach out. Happy Reading!


Contact info:

Email: Katie@thejetsettingmama.com

My website: http://katiekarambelas.wordpress.com

Motherhood Blog: Http://myadventureswithmommyhood.blogspot.com

My Pregnancy Blog: Http://herecomesbabyone.blogspot.com



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