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I’m Here For It – Grieving for Mamas and Angel Babies

Over the last year, I have been inundated with emails, blog comments, instagram DMs, facebook messages, etc, from women who have lost their moms, moms who have lost their moms, dads who have lost their wives, etc. I have woken up to these messages. I’ve gone to sleep to these messages. I even got one on my birthday. If you’re here, then there’s a good chance you found me from an article I wrote on Motherly. Or, perhaps, you found me googling grieving your mother. Or, maybe you found me for my motherhood and…

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Hattie in ONEderland

If you know me even a bit, you probably know that I love to throw a party. I relate to Leslie Knope in this sense – everything should be celebrated! And if your baby girl is turning one?! Well, that calls for an epic cake, a theme that corresponds with her age, and lots of fun activities. I have always been obsessed with quotes from Alice in Wonderland. Hattie’s nursery was adorned with wildflowers and the quote “Don’t you know she’s a wildflower?” from Alice in Wonderland is displayed on her wall…

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I am 1 in 4.

I (like most people) have become accustomed to tragedy. I don’t say this lightly. After losing my mom, I have learned that having sadness in my life is always within arms reach. Things will happen. There’s nothing we can do to stop the evil. We just have to keep moving, going, hoping that it stays away for as long as possible. Losing my mom was and is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with. It’s something no one can understand until they’ve gone through it &#8211…

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Preparing for Hurricane Florence with Kids

The East coast of NC has been in a tizzy this week preparing for Hurricane Florence. While I could care less about the food I might lose if the power is out for days, I care a whole heck of a alot about the breast milk that could thaw and keeping my six year old entertained. Here is my list of how I’m getting through the storm with my children. A hurricane with a breastfeeding baby While there’s a plus side to having a breastfed baby in a natural disaster (boobs will always be there!), there…

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Losing Yourself in the World of Breastfeeding

I’ve talked a lot on social media lately about why I love breastfeeding my children, but not of my breastfeeding anxiety. I’m going on almost 23 months of my life spent breastfeeding between the two of them. I love that I was able to do this for them, and for myself, and I know reaching my 1-year goal with Hattie will feel just as wonderful as it did when I hit it with Jude. But breastfeeding isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. It’s hard – and I don’t just mean physically, because well, let’s face…

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