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That Time I Got Engaged in Edinburgh, Scotland

Y’all! We got engaged in Edinburgh!!!! Everything had to conspire to be perfect for the day to go as it did. And it did, go perfect, that is. Well, in the end. The beginning, not so much. You see, this story is complicated. But the end result is perfection. So stick around. This is one worth telling to the grand-kids. 😉 I’m sleep-deprived and panicking. Yes, I’ve slept on the plane. But that is never enough sleep when you’re traveling, especially when the plane was only going from Boston Logan International airport to Reykjavik…

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A Day Tour to The Giant’s Causeway

*Please note that this is a sponsored post. While I may have received compensation or free product, my opinions are still my own. I was lucky enough to have a free day while I was staying in Dublin, Ireland for my MFA program, and I just had to use that day to explore Northern Ireland. Because I only had one day, I searched to find a tour that spent the most time at the places I wanted to go. This meant that the tour I ended up choosing left at 6:30am! I chose this jam-packed trip from City…

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Time to Fly to Scotland & Ireland

I’m so excited! Tomorrow, it is time to fly to Scotland with my boyfriend, Jordan. This has been a long awaited trip and I’m so excited to finally be going back to Europe. I’ll be spending the first week with Jordan, traveling to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cork, Galway, Dublin and a few places between. We are both really excited to have a week of vacation just the two of us exploring Scotland and Ireland. Next Saturday I’ll meet up with my graduate school friends and Jordan leaves that Monday. I’ll be…

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Why the Insignificant Travel Moments are Actually Significant

One of my favorite things about traveling is my ordinary (or sometimes not so ordinary) interactions with the locals. When I traveled to Europe for thirty days back in the summer of 2010, I had a few of these moments that are still very much alive in my mind. While these memories are meaningful to me, they aren’t necessarily significant to the every day pers on. The reason they are to me is because, for a moment, even though there was a huge language barrier between us, I was able to have a conversation with someone who lived…

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When You Travel With Mom, Magic Happens

  In honor of Mother’s Day, I asked several bloggers and business owners to share their most significant travel moments with their children, or their mom, with me. As a mom myself, travel is very important to me, and a big part of my relationship with my son. I loved reading each of their stories and seeing how travel factored into their relationships as well. I hope you enjoy these moments as much as I did!   Rash & Chalukya – Go Beyond Bounds “We had visited the tulip gardens of Morges in Switzerland last May. Our…

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