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6 Must-See Places in Ireland & Northern Ireland

  During my two and a half week stay in Ireland last summer I was happy to have found many wonderful destinations within Ireland and Northern Ireland. I put together this quick reference guide for anyone planning a trip and wondering where the must-see spots are. While they may be all over the place, they are TOTALLY worth the car rental (and yes, you must rent one and drive on the LEFT side of the road). Don’t worry, if I can manage driving the Ring of Kerry on the left side of the road – anyone can…

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Writing & Wanderlust Free Travel Packing List!

I am someone who absolutely loathes packing. I love to travel– just not the prep for it. I’m the girl who packs their bag, unpacks, and then re-packs… like five times. No joke. My fiancé makes fun of me to this day. Because of this, I thought the perfect little gift for my subscribers would be something to simplify the whole packing process, whether it’s you or you and the fam traveling together, this packing list is a life saver! I have been traveling for so long and this is my own personal…

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The Ultimate List of Packing Tips & Tricks

Being a travel agent, I have tons of packing tips and tricks. I’ve compiled a list of things that you should be doing every time you travel! Leave a comment below if you have any to add to the list! It is forever growing. 🙂 General Packing Tips PACK LIGHT! I know you’ve heard this a million times before, but seriously, do it. Airlines charge fees for overweigh bags and you want to have enough room to bring home souvenirs! You also want to be to travel with your luggage comfortably. Going along with packing light, pack…

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Where to Stay & What to Do in Curacao

  What is Curacao? For those of you who don’t already know, Curacao is the southernmost Caribbean Island. It is one of the “ABC” islands that consists of Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao. They are known for their great diving locations, unique culture and all of their residents speaking four languages… that’s right… FOUR! It truly is a beautiful island and many people have never heard of it, unfortunately. But, with recent education and more frequent flights to the country, it is steadily growing as a hot destination in the Caribbean! I was lucky…

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Why Now Is the Best Time to Travel

After all the recent events lately, I can’t help but think that in spite of everything, I am even more excited to travel the world. This is the best time. This is the time when we defy the barriers they are trying to set on us. This is the time we take the world back. If you were going to die tomorrow, would you be okay with your last days being spent at home on the couch living in fear? Or would you want your last day to be doing something memorable, something out of your comfort zone…

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