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Planning a Wedding in Italy: All the Things You Need to Know

It was sometime last year that I was pursuing Facebook and I came across a post on the Girls Love Travel Facebook group that I declared to Jordan that we should look into getting married in Italy. The post was full of wonderful ideas of where to have a destination wedding but one woman’s story of getting married at a villa in Tuscany stood out to me. She let me message her and from there she was sending me the VRBO page for the villa and lots of recommendations for a musician, hair and makeup, cake, etc. The villa…

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Why Did We Forget?

A fairly common issue with our generation is the need to either look at the big picture, or focus on the now. We never seem to be able to do both. We sit next to each others, staring at our phones with a sense of amusement or annoyance, the edge of our jeans touching, but our hearts so far away. We talk about the future, about houses and 2.5 kids, and we burden ourselves with the stress of a wedding, a baby, a house, a car, a boat, a goat. You get the picture. Why don’t we…

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That Time I Got Engaged in Edinburgh, Scotland

Y’all! We got engaged in Edinburgh!!!! Everything had to conspire to be perfect for the day to go as it did. And it did, go perfect, that is. Well, in the end. The beginning, not so much. You see, this story is complicated. But the end result is perfection. So stick around. This is one worth telling to the grand-kids. 😉 I’m sleep-deprived and panicking. Yes, I’ve slept on the plane. But that is never enough sleep when you’re traveling, especially when the plane was only going from Boston Logan International airport to Reykjavik…

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