Symptoms of an anxious writer

Nail biting. Hyperventilation. Pulse quickening. Finger tapping. Leg shaking.

These are all signs that you may or may not have your first real draft of your novel in the hands of FOUR of your friends for a few days and have heard nothing from any of them since you gave it to them. These are all signs for how stressed you are. These are all signs that you may or may not internally combust if said friends do not finish the heck up soon. These are all signs you might be going crazy.

I will shift my attention elsewhere. I’m deeply considering applying to graduate programs for creative writing so I needed to focus on a writing sample, thus came Prudence and Xavier. This is a short story and to be honest, I wasn’t sure what it was about when I started writing it. It’s told in present tense from Prudence’s perspective. She is meeting Xavier on the beach and they have been apart five years. Prudence has become cold and empty and I wasn’t sure why. They have a strong history together that was marred by something terrible but I was still waiting for Prudence to reveal to me what that was. She is slowly opening up, but it is taking some time. Xavier is the picture of hope to Prudence. He’s a light of sandy brown hair in the dark caves of her heart. She’s been bent and broken in more ways than you can imagine. A lot can happen in five years. I’m just waiting for her to tell me what that is.

On another note- Do you remember Po? I talked about her a few posts back if you haven’t. She is the leading role in my dystopian trilogy. Well, I have the entire first book planned out and since I am still waiting for You’re the Catalyst reviews, I’m going to divulge into her world. There is something drawing me to the thought of a dystopian society- especially with the horrendous act on Boston. There is something there that I need to touch on. Something important.

In reading news, I have reread Clockwork Angel and finally read ClockworK Prince and Princess. At the end, I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about it. I was a Will fan all the way and while I liked Jem, I sort of wished she could have ended with Will rather than Jem. I like that it was basically happy endings for both of them… but then I started thinking about how both of them will die and she will then be alone… forever… kind of depressing… I don’t know. I almost wish she had just ended it with Will and her getting together and not going any further. 

I’m currently reading Richelle Mead’s Succubus novels. I am in love with Richelle’s writing. Her dialogue is quippy and saracastic and I devour it so quickly. I’ve read Vampire Academy and fell in love and then Bloodlines and fell even harder in love… I mean, COME ON… Dimitri and Adrian are TO DIE FOR. They are like my favorite male love interests (well, two of my favorites but VERY high on the list). I knew she had adult novels but never really thought to read them until I was reading the synopsis of Succubus Blues and felt compelled to buy it since it was only six bucks on my nook. Yet again, I’m falling in love with another wonderful man. The book is definitely adult… lots of steamy sex and graphic language. But it also has the wonderful supernatural elements we’ve come to love from Mead. I’m pleasantly surprised with this series. I’m on book two and realllllly hope things go well for her and the sexy writer she has a thing for.


Well, back to the writing life for me. Let’s see who decides to speak up first… Prudence? …Po? …Anyone there?