Seventy Three Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Eight Words

My first draft of my novel is COMPLETE. (!!!!!!!!!)

I cannot believe I’ve actually finished this novel! It has been a crazy process and I can’t wait to start editing and sending out query letters to agents! I already have my query done & edited and have gotten the opinion of a few people and they all love it so hopefully an agent will too! 

I feel like I should pop open a bottle of champagne in celebration. It’s taken three and a half years and countless tiring hours but at 73,868 words, it is complete! I’m sure the editing process will be daunting and a lot of work but I’m ready! I’m curious to see what the word count will be after I’ve edited the crap outta this book.

I’ve also decided that the title will be: “You’re the Catalyst”

The original title was “Breaking Through” but as the story progressed, that didn’t seem to fit. Then it was just plain “Catalyst” but I did a B&N search and found a book or two by that name so I changed it. The “You’re” can refer to many things so I think it fits. And I’ve always loved the word Catalyst so I’m happy I can use it in the title.

Hopefully this year will have lots of good things in store for me… a book deal, maybe??