Queries, Queries, Queries!

So, I’ve found this incredible website called querytracker.net and the inner list maker in me has gone COMPLETELY CRAZY. If you could see the lists I’m making for agents to query, you’d probably slap me. I am OBSESSED with this website. It’s so great for researching lit agents and seeing statistics and comments from others who have submitted. I’m in LOVE. I even paid the $25 for the year of premium membership… be still, my heart!


Anyhoooo… speaking of queries, I’ve sent out a bunch and so far I’ve gotten TEN rejections. Boo. BUT, I’ve also gotten one referral to a different agent in their agency and TWO full manuscript requests! So that must mean I’m doing at least SOMETHING right… right??? I just would REALLY like Estella’s story to be told. It would give me some closure as well. The book deals with losing a loved one in a car crash and was inspired by the loss of the first boy I ever said I love you to who died in a car crash when I was in high school. So, for him, it’d be nice to get this book published.

As for my NA novel, I’m on Chapter Three and the word count is 16,388… and still going strong! I’m really getting into the story and keep coming up with more and more ways to progress the story and end it.

Do you remember me talking about an erotica short story I was writing? Well I FINALLY finished that as well and sent it off! I submitted it to an anthology that sounds pretty cool! Hopefully it will be to the editor’s liking.

On other writing news, I’ve come up with another book idea for when I’m done my NA novel… It is an adult paranormal genre with series potential. So depending on my mood and where I am in my writing career when I finish the NA novel, I have that to develop as well as my dystopian trilogy! 


So many ideas, so little time. In the mean time, I’m trying really hard not to check my email every five seconds for rejections/requests from agents. It is SO hard.