Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you & me.

Sex. It’s such a delicate topic, don’t ya think? 

Stella is promiscuous and that’s me putting it lightly. Ever met a girl in high school who you just know has slept with the entire football team? You don’t get how she does it because, why do guys all want to sleep with the same girl? But they do anyways because they want the conquest. Well that girl is Stella. Only thing is, she is the one who considers them a conquest. If it wasn’t so trashy, I think I might actually be proud of her.

Stella is messed up. She uses sex as a coping mechanism for everything wrong going on around her. So, of course, this means I have to have some sex scenes in my book. But how far do I go? 

This is not Fifty Shades of Grey. This isn’t even ten shades. This is young adult. I have to remember that. But I also have to stay true to my characters. Stella would brag about this to her best friend and isn’t the reader supposed to be kind of like a best friend getting a glimpse into the narrator’s world? I think Stella would embarrass the reader a little, make her feel like she shouldn’t be reading what she’s reading. 

I am just nervous of taking it too far. 

Another reason that details are important with sex and Stella? Because Mitchell is more than sex to her. So of course, I have to show the reader how her one night stands and being with Mitchell are two polar opposites. Mitchell isn’t just a sloppy hook up, he’s real, intimate and passionate. 

It’s a delicate line I’m walking on.