Getting Pregnant with The Stork OTC

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As you know, I recently gave birth to my daughter Hattie on September 27th. Jordan and I weren’t trying to conceive – we actually were planning a wedding, one that was set to take place in October but is now in the planning stages once again because mama didn’t want to be preggo in a wedding dress or breastfeeding during my reception. Can you blame me?

I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and was able to give birth at baby+co. in Cary. With my son Jude, I had the typical birth experience with an OBGYN at a hospital. Having my care through midwives and birthing at the birth center with Hattie was a completely different experience. I felt empowered by my water birth. It was everything I wanted – and more. Having the birth experience that I always wanted made me realize that I could do this. I’m a warrior. I did what my body was meant to do and I welcomed Hattie in a safe, loving environment.

the stork otc

But the pain lingered with me unlike with my son. I remember saying to my fiancé right after she was born, “That was so painful. I don’t think I can do that again. It hurt. Really bad. I don’t remember it hurting that bad with Jude.”

Luckily, within a couple days, I realized that having one night of pain was worth it to have my sweet, little baby girl. I want another. I need another. I’ve always wanted a big family but it wasn’t until I met Jordan that I knew I could have it. Now I’m ready to make all the babies. That’s the fun part, right?

I was lucky enough to conceive Hattie quickly, but for many women, it isn’t that simple. I’m thankful for my sweet girl Hattie, and I know so many women will be thankful they found The Stork OTC when they decide to conceive. As a woman, I think it’s very important to know as much as you can about your body, and this includes learning about your cycle and your fertility. When it’s the “right time” for making a baby, The Stork OTC is your helping hand to give you a better chance of conceiving. It’s a much cheaper option than IVF and in a recent study, in 85% of participants, The Stork OTC delivered 3.23 times the sperm score value within cervical mucus compared to natural intercourse. Using the technique of cervical cap insemination, this puts the sperm at the opening of the cervix, as close as possible, which allows it to swim up through your cervix to an egg. Read some amazing success stories on their website I plan on using it once we decide to have a third child so I can have the best chance of getting pregnant.

the stork otc

Are you interested in learning more about The Stork OTC and how it can assist you in trying to conceive? The Stork OTC will be having a fun Twitter party on November 29th at 8pm EST. I’d love for you to join me (@KatieKarambelas) and participate using the hashtag #GettingPregnant & #StorkOTC. Can’t wait to chat with you next week!


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