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How to Make Padsicles

*Please note: this post contains affiliate links and I receive a small portion of sales made through these links. This helps maintain my blog and are very appreciated.* One of the things I remember most about postpartum care was how amazing padsicles felt. When the nurse handed me my first ever padsicle, I had no idea that this simple item would be so heavenly. Since then, I’ve always recommended them to new moms as a way to prepare for postpartum care at home. There are a few ways to make padsicles, whether you just use pads and water…

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Why I Chose a Birth Center Birth

  I have been so lucky with my prenatal care experience this time around with Hattie. So lucky, that I’m now partnering with my birthing center, Baby+Co, to tell all of you why I’m choosing to go the birth center route this time. Baby+Co’s slogan says it all: A modern birth center, built on evidence, delivered with love. Learn more about Baby+Co here. With Jude, I had no idea what I was doing. I mean, how many moms can say they knew anything about birthing a child the first go around? Granted, this was…

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A Healthy Pregnancy with Prenatal Supplements

**This post is a collaboration with Forte Elements. While I have received compensation and free product, as always, all opinions are my own.** Let me start by saying I am normally a healthy mama. I love to exercise and eating right and have been known to go vegan for months on end. But as soon as I got pregnant with baby 2, all my healthy habits went kaput. This pregnancy has been absolutely terrible, especially during the first and into the second trimester. Now that I’m solidly in my second trimester, things are starting to shape up. However, when…

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