Endings & Epilogues

I think I’m actually in the final chapter of my novel. I’m at least in the final “event” that is going to take place. I’m just not sure if it will take one or two chapters to fulfill this. It is a very crucial moment and it is going to be very emotional but also very pleasing to finally write it since I’ve been dreaming about this moment for so long.

A word about (my) endings: I’ve probably written about ten different endings for this novel over the course of three years. I’ve even written an epilogue but decided it was too happy. Yep, too happy. People don’t want things to be too happy. So instead, I’m leaving the audience hopeful. I think that’s a better tactic. I think it leaves a little more to the imagination. The audience will feel good about this ending. I think it is more fulfilling then the original (well, ten different original) ending I had planned on and definitely more fulfilling than having an epilogue.

I’m pretty sure I just wrote the epilogue to assure myself of what happens later in life anyway. Plus, this ending also leaves it open to a second book if I ever need or want to write one.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, I need to finish this book.

Sixty eight thousand words & counting!!