Caution: Editing in progress

Caution! Editing in progress! Do not speak! Do not look in the general direction of my laptop or notebook! Do NOT spill anything on my notes! DO NOT COME NEAR ME OR I WILL HAVE A PANIC ATTACK!

That about sums it up right there.

But since some of you are so sweet and have been listening to my rants on this journey since I decided to start a blog to document it, I will give you a real update. So far, I am putting my edits that I made on the printed copy of my manuscript into the computer and am on chapter five. I have also fleshed out a few parts throughout so now the word count has increased to: Seventy six thousand three hundred and forty words.

I had aimed to bring the word count above the 75,000 mark because I felt like it was a little short just under 74,000 but I think it is actually going to keep creeping up because I’m really trying to work on the flow and fleshing out the important moments more. 

So far the editing process is pretty painless. The worst part has been rewriting chapter one completely and making sure it all flows well. I’m hoping to be finished this draft by the end of this month. I already have a query written and it is pretty polished so literally the minute I finish editing this cookie, I will send out the query letters and pray for a miracle.


Now… back to editing.