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I’ve been using this awesome subscription clothing service called Le Tote since August of last year, and overall I’m pretty obsessed with it.
What exactly is Le Tote?

Glad you asked! Le Tote is a subscription box but it is unlike any others out there. While some may compare this to Stitch Fix, I must emphasize that Le Tote is NOTHING like Stitch Fix. I actually tried two months of Stitch Fix and was really disappointed and cancelled.

So what’s the deal with Le Tote? Le Tote is different because you are renting the clothes in each of your totes. While you do have the option to buy individual pieces (or your whole tote- getting you a free month of Le Tote in return!), you are in no way obligated to buy anything.

The structure of Le Tote is like this:

  • Pay the monthly fee of $55
  • Have a tote styled for you with three pieces of clothing and two pieces of accessories (including jewelry, bags, and scarves)
  • Swap out any items that you don’t care for
  • Confirm your tote
  • Receive your tote two business days later!
  • Wear all the clothes and accessories as much as you want
  • If you choose to keep any items, simply exclude them from your return bag (postage paid!)
  • Put your return bag in the mail when you’re done wearing your items.
  • Then the cycle starts all over again! You can do this as many times as you want in a month, depending on how quick you are with wearing/shipping, you can get quite a few a month!

I have probably kept about 30% of the items that I’ve received. Some of the items are a bit pricey so even if I love them, I don’t always keep them. But the plus to this is you can request to have them resent to you to wear again later.

But… Why should I actually try Le Tote?

  • Convenience – Need a new outfit for a date night? What about a wedding? Want to impress people at the office? No need to actually get off your lazy butt and go to the store. You can shop right from your computer or phone and get it delivered in two business days. Score!
  • Designer Clothing – Here’s your chance to get designer clothing and not have to pay to keep it! — unless you want to, of course!
  • High Quality items on Sale – Did I mention all of the items are checked for quality and they are even CHEAPER than you can buy them in stores and online? Holla!
  • No Laundry – Do I need to even explain this one? 😉

Here are a few examples of outfits and accessories from my Le Totes over the last year:

le tote
This Le Tote shirt is super stylist and super comfy! I kept this one. 🙂
le tote
Kept this Le Tote necklace!
le tote
I wish I had a full body picture because this Le Tote dress is SO adorable and great for Spring. I kept the dress AND the Le Tote peacock necklace.
le tote
I love this Vince Camuto Le Tote dress so much I kept it!
le tote
Loved this polka dot Le Tote dress for Easter.
le tote
This necklace has been one of my favorite Le Tote pieces I’ve purchased.


le tote
Kept this Vince Camuto dress from my Le Tote because, how could you not? And this necklace was a keeper from a different tote too!
le tote
I didn’t keep this skirt but wish I had because it was so fun and flirty. I DID keep this boxy top though. 🙂
le tote
Another shot of this fun necklace! This dress was so cute but I just couldn’t afford it during the tote. I’ve thought about resending it though. 🙂
le tote
um, OBSESSED with this skirt from my Le Tote- definitely kept it! This red necklace was a keeper too.
le tote
Kept this super cute peplum cardigan!



Interested in signing up for Le Tote? Awesome! Glad I convinced you because you’re about to get a whole new wardrobe you don’t ever have to do laundry for (score!). Use my link here to sign up —> Receive unlimited boxes of women’s apparel and accessories each month with Le Tote! Join Now!


Do you already use Le Tote? Comment below and let me know how much you like it too! While you’re at it, sign up for my newsletter to stay updated!





  1. James A Buckley | 20th Jul 16

    Hello Katie, Great shots of the products you are sharing with your audience. I would love to see more about your Free Travel Packing List as to what benefits that it offer. Be Blessed & keep learning…

    • Katie | 24th Jul 16

      Thank you, James. The packing list is to help you pack for your next adventure! Cheers

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