What I need.

The truth is, I am so sick of dating. I started writing a post about my latest dating fail, but I can’t stop thinking about how much I wish this whole dating thing was over. I just want to have a family. I don’t mean I’m ready to pop out a ton of babies – because I’m definitely not ready for more – but that feeling of family, of feeling at home with someone… that’s what I miss.

But I don’t want to force anything, or settle. I probably could’ve been in a relationship a few times this year, but I don’t think I’d be happy. If I’m going to be with someone, it’s because I see potential with them. I haven’t seen that yet with many, and the couple I have, well, they obviously haven’t worked out.

With my mom being sick, I can’t help but want to have that support of a family of my own. I remember how good it felt to make plans with someone, to think you may grow old with them, start a life. I want to make those kinds of plans. I want my mom to still be here when I’m making them. I want her to know that someone has my heart, and they will treat me well. I want her to see that she’s leaving me in good hands when it’s her time to go.

My parents are selling me their house and I can’t help but think that it would be nice to be building this home with someone by my side.

It’s nice to think about these things…but it’s also something I can’t make happen.

I’m just ready for the real deal. I’m so sick of playing the dating game. It’s tiring. I’m getting too old for this.

Where’s my future husband when I need him? ha.


  1. Tash | 29th Nov 15

    i do “love” all the advice that people give… You will meet someone when you quit looking, things will happen when they are supposed to… Or my favorite for my mom, she will find me someone.

    The struggle is real

    • Katie Karambelas | 8th Dec 15

      You’re so right! People always think they know what is going to happen but really they have no idea. 🙂

  2. jan | 12th Jun 16

    I am a single woman again at the age of 30. I have a son he is now 10yrs. I read your post up to this pages, I went through exactly the same moment you has had. I spent 4 years wasted my time, on drinking, datings, enjoying myself. It was not really bad though you will have to go through this sometimes to find out about yourself. But one thing I learn from that is to love yourself more, n pray often, believe in universe that bring the best for you. I was there , i could relate the feeling of do not know what to do. It was just like a black hole that suck you there , When could i have a person to set up my family. Until you learn to love yourself then you will meet the one. I am still half way not there yet but i do fall in love again. Take thing slow, only you could help yourself, look for new passion, new degree, new place, new job, new friend. I promise you, light will shine again meanwhile enjoy your ride. Always, stay positive. you know ! there is always the answer to every question just be patient, relax and enjoy your time. You will learn a lot through this experience, through your writing i found you learn a lot and I hope you also understand that you grow stronger and a better person to yourself with that. With lot of love from Jan

    • Katie | 12th Jun 16

      Thank you, Jan. I am lucky that I have found that person. ❤️ and we are really happy now! Hugs to you.

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