Top 10 Pregnancy Must-Haves

pregnancy must-haves
*Please note, this post was originally published on my former blog “Here Comes Baby One” on May 1, 2012. I’m republishing this content on this website to have it all in one place. Hope you enjoy digging up memory lane with me!


As my time being pregnant draws to a close, I wanted to post about all the great things that I’ve come to use all the time being pregnant (or a lot throughout certain stages) for all the newly pregnant women out there. I hope these things help you as much as they’ve helped me! (*please note this post contains affiliate links)

This is an absolute MUST HAVE! I got it in my second trimester and loved loved loved it! It is great for just snuggling and wrapping your legs around and as your belly grows it gives you great support there as well. It has definitely helped a lot in my third trimester where it is very hard to find comfy positions to sleep in.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a best friend Tums has been to me these past nine months. If you are lucky enough not to get heartburn, I loathe you. For the rest of us unlucky pregnant women, it is pure hell. I think it may have been the worst side effect EVER. And it’s not just your average heartburn… this heartburn is the kind that as your pregnancy progresses, makes you sleep sitting up, makes you literally swallow stomach acid and makes you thankful the Gods created yummy tums that taste just like candy. I know it says only eat 8 in a 24 hour period on the container, but think of all those extras as extra calcium for your little bambino. (and if your heartburn gets as bad as mine did, your doc can prescribe you another type of med you can take WITH tums for a heartburn double whammy killer)

3. Pink – 26oz Refresh2go Curve Water Filter Bottle with Grip:

The picture is the one that I actually have that I bought at Walmart for about $15 bucks but any refillable water bottle will do. I carry it with me EVERYWHERE I go because being pregnant makes you THIRSTY and your doctor will make you drink a gazillion glasses of water a day so you might as well refill a water bottle and save the environment on all that plastic from disposable ones. 🙂

4. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks with Vitamin E and Shea Butter Women Body Lotion, 8.5 Ounce:

While I don’t actually think it’s done anything for stretch marks and I don’t use it as much as many, it DOES really help for the itching that happens when your belly is growing a lot during the second and third trimesters. Nothing actually can help with stretch marks (sorry, ladies!) since that is a hereditary thing and happens further underneath the skin where lotion doesn’t get to. But at least with this your tummy won’t feel like it’s been dunked in itching powder!



5. Whole Fruit Fruit Bars:

Whomever invented these lovely fruit bars needs a trophy. Not only are these GOOD FOR YOU, but they are delicious! I went through a fruit phase (it started with strawberries then on to melons) and loved the strawberry flavor and dark cherry flavors. YUM! It was especially great because strawberries weren’t in season when I wanted them all the time and I could grab a fruit bar before heading out the door for a quick snack.

6. Fold-over Waistband Stretchy Cotton-blend Yoga Pants (Medium-2Pack, Grey & Black):

While maternity pants are great, you just can’t beat a nice pair of yoga pants. They don’t have to even be maternity yoga pants if you can put the band under your belly. The best thing you can possibly be while pregnant is COMFORTABLE! And let me tell you, I would wear yoga pants every day if they were socially acceptable everywhere. A lot of the times though you can pull them off at work for black work pants.. at least I did. (and even my coworkers, too)

7. BMC Womens 5pc Mix Color Faux Leather Fashion Statement Skinny Belts Bundle-Set 2, Accessory Maven:

I love skinny belts for the pure fact that I can put one on above my bump and you can actually tell I’m pregnant and not one big blob of fat. I feel frumpy if I’m not wearing one above my bump. It helps remind me that I have a figure underneath all the weight I’ve gained from pregnancy and not to mention there are so many CUTE skinny belts out there.


8. Hanes Women’s Ultimate Comfy Support Wirefree, Nude Heather, Medium:

While this picture isn’t the exact one I have, any non-underwire bra will do. If you’re like me, you will try to wear bras with underwire for as long as possible because you are amazed with finally having large boobs and want them to at least look good. But if you’re holding the baby high like I am, you will find in your second trimester that his feet or other body parts have taken refuge in your rib cage which means that underwire is SUPER uncomfortable. I promise you, the minute you switch to no underwire, you (and your boobs) will breathe a sigh of relief. AHHHH, feels good.


9. Babycenter App:

This App is AWESOME and I used it pretty much every day. It reminds you of to-do’s you may have forgotten about, has great articles and has a weekly update for you that tells you whats developing with the baby and compares it to a fruit/veggie in size. and have both been my go-to sites for baby info!

10. Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go! Book:

This little (it is a smalllll book in size) book is ADORABLE and great to read to your belly- in fact, it was written to be read to your little bambino! The story is based off of the Dr. Suess Oh the Places you’ll Go but this one is about meeting all the wonderful Dr. Suess characters and momma meeting baby! I’ve read it to Jude a few times and every time he starts kicking me so I know he likes it! I’ve even read that if you read Dr. Suess to them in the womb, they recognize it in some way outside of the womb. The power of reading is one I love! 🙂


There ya go future mommies! Hope you find something in this list that helps you like it has helped me! If I think of anything else I will be sure to add it to the list!