Tomorrow is the big day!! Tomorrow I will board three separate planes to get to a final destination of BUDAPEST! There, I will meet up with Kryss and we will have the fun task of getting to our hotel and then exploring the city! I’m using so many exclamation points because I’m SO SO SO SO excited. Sorry, ya’ll.

The schedule goes a little something like this:

Tomorrow/Early Friday: Fly to DC –> Fly to Frankfurt –> Fly to Budapest

Friday: Explore Budapest

Saturday: Morning in Budapest, take a bus in the afternoon with Kryss & Beth to Vienna

Sunday until the 11th: Stay in Vienna, with the exception of July 4th in Bratislava & July 5th in Munich w/ Dennis!

Then the 11th I’ll fly home and see my sweet bebe. That is going to be the hardest part of this whole damn trip. I hate having to leave the little one, but I’m glad my parents are taking him up to New Jersey and Rhode Island to visit family the first week I’m gone. I just wish I could be going with him. I know he’s in great hands, but it still makes me sad. Luckily technology is awesome and I can use Google Hangout for video chats and WhatsApp for calls & texts while I’m away. I’ll probably cry every time too because being a mom makes you into someone who gets mushy in two seconds flat. Oy vey.

So as far as the actual school portion of my trip, it seems like every day I’ll have class from 10a-12p and 2p-5p with the exceptions of Wednesdays where we will have short excursions. The schedule seems pretty flexible which is nice, and I’m excited to meet the students I didn’t get to meet in NYC, and of course see the ones I did. I’m also really excited to be back in the classroom. I’m one of those weird people who actually likes taking classes, especially when they are writing classes. I was the geek who planned out every college class I would take my freshman year until senior year and figured out how to graduate in three years… even though I ended up only graduating in three and a half instead. But still, I could have done it!

So, this will probably be my last USA post for a while. I’m hoping I’ll have a chance to blog in Europe but I make no promises. So I’ll leave you saying that I’m going to miss Jude terribly; I love that bugger way too much. And I’m excited for the adventure ahead! Wish me luck at my first graduate residency! 🙂