Learning to Love Myself.


It’s taken twenty six long years. When I was eighteen, I would have never posted a picture of myself without make up on my blog. Not even when I was twenty three. It’s taken me a very long time to be okay with what I look like and really grow into myself.

While I love make up because it is fun and sometimes even artistic, we’ve become a society that is so fixed on perfect. Long lashes, plump lips, small waist, big butt and boobs, bleached hair. These are signs of a perfect woman. But who decides this? The magazines? Entertainment biz?

We need to take back what being beautiful really means.

Being beautiful means accepting my frizzy hair, my blonde lashes and my gummy smile.

Being beautiful means lifting weights and becoming stronger, not skinnier.

Being beautiful means loving unconditionally.

Being beautiful means having confidence in your abilities.

Being beautiful means picking yourself up over and over again after every failure.

Being beautiful means being yourself, no apologies.

You, yes you, reading this right now. If no one has told you yet today: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.



What does being beautiful mean to you? Comment below!


  1. 30's Dater | 3rd Mar 16

    Beautiful picture – you don’t need any make up.

  2. Katie Karambelas | 4th Mar 16

    I have the best readers. Thank you so much. 🙂 You made my day!

  3. Dagbjort Eilif | 7th Mar 16

    You’re beautiful, and I couldn’t agree more. Self love is so crucial, and accepting and loving how we look is a part of that. Thanks for the reminder!


    • Katie Karambelas | 9th Mar 16

      Thank you, and you’re welcome! We definitely forget to love ourselves and accept ourselves way too much. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. 🙂

  4. pepaqua | 10th Mar 16

    So true, accepting yourself can take time. I feel beauty is something that comes from inside you and glows outward. It doesn’t necessarily mean wearing makeup or looking perfect, but rather your inner self coming to the outside!

    • Katie Karambelas | 10th Mar 16

      You are so right! I think women have the hardest time with this. It is such a shame because being different is SO beautiful!

      • pepaqua | 10th Mar 16

        Exactly! People are just like flowers, different but beautiful in their own way. Roses, wildflowers, sunflowers, daisies, and lilies are all SO different but they’re all beautiful!

  5. jan | 12th Jun 16

    I posted picture wz or wzout make up. I love me, I often wrote the message on the mirror after a hot shower. ” I love.(my name)…” I do have my love one now but the text I wrote always remind me the responsibility I have for myself. 🙂

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