CubbyCase: A New Educational Subscription Box for Kids

Please note: This post is sponsored by CubbyCase. This means that I make a small commission from anyone who uses my code WANDERLUST ($10 off for you until 9/30/16) when they purchase a CubbyCase subscription. Please know that while this post is sponsored, it still reflects my true opinions. Thanks!


I was perusing Instagram one day, not really looking for anything in particular and I stumbled across and amazing find I want to share with you. If you have children ages 5-9, listen up (side note: my son is 4 and he was still able to enjoy some of this with parent help!)! I’m excited to have parterned with this great company and be able to promote something I really believe in: creating educational memories with my son.

What exactly is CubbyCase? According to their website, CubbyCase is a subscription box delivering fun learning for children ages 5 to 9!

cubby case

While this is one way to describe it, I’d also like to add that CubbyCase is a way for you to have great memories with your child while they learn more about different activities inside the box. This is one of the most education-packed subscription boxes I’ve ever seen that still maintains a high aspect of FUN. It’s also higher value because they include SO much in one box. You could do it all at once when you receive the box, or even better, space them out throughout the month until you get a new box the next month. There’s really that much to do!

The makers of CubbyCase are Harvard educated and they know a thing or two about engaging educational products. They’ve been awarded numerous awards including Parents’ 2014 Best Toy award and Cool Mom Picks’ pick of the year in 2015. They also are just really nice people, so you don’t have to worry about trouble with customer service.


CubbyCase sent me this box [above] for my son Jude to try. They prefaced this with letting me know that these boxes are designed for 5 to 9 year olds, so he may have a little trouble and I may need to help him. Awesome, I thought, since I love to do things together and see how much he can actually accomplish.

The CubbyCase arrived in the mail within a few days and Jude knew before I told him that this box was for him. The bright orange case was a perfect indication, as well as the cute lion on the front. We filled in Jude’s name on the box and I awaited a special day for us to open it as he’d been a pill that day and I wasn’t rewarding the behavior. But I digress…

If you’re interested in purchasing a CubbyCase, use my discount code WANDERLUST for $10 off your first order until 9/30/16!

When the day finally came (yay!) that Jude dropped the attitude and we were able to enjoy the CubbyCase, Jude was so happy! Just getting the picture on the left was tough because he was dying to “just open it already”! And honestly, I was just as excited. We open the box and the first thing we see is a nice note from CubbyCase explaining what we are getting ourselves into. Then Jude dug into the box, pulling every single item out and checkig out what they were. He became fixated on the helicopter inside, while I tried to sort the items with their appropriate cards and decided on what order we would do each in. Since he was dying todo the helicopter, we started with that.cubbycase
The helicopter project is probably better suited for a child a tiny bit older than mine, simply due to motor skills. Jude was not quite steady enough with his hands (he’s the same way with legos) so I had to assist a lot with this. However, he had a lot of fun sorting them by color and shape and then handing me the appropriate one when the instructions called for it. Each project has a card with a “career” or field of study on it that matches the project, along with different discussion questions. Most of these were meant for kids 5-9, so we went over what we could and he enjoyed learning about new things, although he didn’t understand some. But even without the cards, these were fun projects to do together and had a lot to learn! cubbycase

Next, we tried the electrical engineer project. This consisted of learning how a circuit worked, and like the helicopter,cubbycase had a card attached. This one I did the electrical part for (putting the copper, battery and LED light in the correct places) the most part,
although he “helped” me place them on the correct spots.
There was definitely a WOW factor with this one when it suddenly lit up. He really enjoyed coloring over the light.

After Jude finished his beautiful crayon-drawn picture, we moved to the next project. This project dealt with attaching a circle to paper with a smaller one inside. He stuck a pencil in thehole and moved it around the center making a cool pattern. I think his favorite part of this was actually using the putty to attach it to the paper!cubbycase
Up next was my favorite one: the book! The book was called “Pieces of Another World” by Mara Rockliff and it was such a great story.
I’m always a big fan of a book that uses great language and illustrations to make an idea fun. Jude sat and listened to me read this aloud and would sop me every time it got to a really neat picture so we could talk about it. Afterwords, we discussed the book with the card provide

The last project we did was the “urban planner” card. We were given a roll of reusable tape in the shape of a road, and I let Jude have at it! I helped him unroll the first bit, but after he got the hang of it he started making the kitchen floor into his ow roadways. He really loved playing with his cars on this one. This card had some fun extra activities like designing your own neighborhood but Jude being a bit younger only wanted to do the road part. For a kid the right ages, this one would probably be one of their favorite cards!domestictourists

All in all, I think Jude really enjoyed having some mommy-son time and playing together. What I loved about it was that he was learning while he played. This is definitely a subscription box he will have to grow into, but it’ll be so great to see him get better at some of the activities over the next couple of years. This is going to be such a fun surprise for him to get in the mail each month! I still can’t believe how low of a price it is for how much you get in each box.

I’m super excited that CubbyCase agreed to give my readers $10 off their first box. All you have to do is use discount code WANDERLUST for $10 off your first order until 9/30/16!

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  1. BrittanyAnneF | 18th Sep 16

    As a mom and teacher, I can’t believe I have not heard of this, so I am really glad you shared! I absolutely love the STEM component! That is SO important. My daughter is still a bit young for these activities, but I will definitely share this with all of my mom and teacher friends!

    • Katie | 18th Sep 16

      Thanks, Brittany! I was really impressed with it. I found this company out of luck, and I’m so glad I did. I hope your mom and teacher friends find the same value I did in these boxes! (Be sure to share the discount code with them as well!)

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