Baby Two: 29 Weeks Pregnant

29 weeks pregnant

Baby Lamotta is due September 28th, 2017!

Today is 7/14/17 which means I’m 29 weeks, 1 day pregnant.

Baby is the size of a barbie convertible.

I’ve gained… I’ll have to see when I get back to the states this weekend!

Midwife appointment this week? Still in Espana!

Current mood: Better than last week. Finally got over the cold and am excited because I graduate in just a couple hours from my masters program!

Cravings: Sweets!

Food Aversions: Pizza still… no bueno.

The yucky stuff: Some headaches but now I’m in the stage where I have to pee every 5 seconds.

Currently rocking: Actually, I just put on my red graduation dress I got from Motherhood Maternity. It’s all starting to feel so real!!

The best thing about pregnancy this week? Feeling Hattie kick around as I’m walking the streets of Barcelona!

What’s different about baby #2 than with Jude’s pregnancy? I would’ve never pushed myself this hard in the third trimester with Jude.

I’m nervous about: The flight home. I still can’t believe it’s all almost over. I’m so used to being in this graduate program. I can’t even believe it’ll be over soon.

Other thoughts: I spent three summers abroad for my graduate program. In Vienna, I was single and went on dates, in the process falling in love with a German. In Dublin, I was newly engaged to Jordan but also had lost my mom less than a week prior. It was a very emotional time. In Barcelona, I carried my baby girl in my belly with me on this journey. I think each of these journeys abroad have given me something magical, and while they weren’t always the best of times, I’m so thankful to have left each city with an even bigger “family” than before. I love each and every one of these writers I’ve met along the way and I can’t wait to see what the next summer holds for me, and for them. <3