Baby Two: 26 Weeks Pregnant


26 weeks pregnant

Baby Lamotta is due September 28th, 2017!

Today is 6/22/17 which means I’m 26 weeks pregnant.

Baby is the size of a bowling pin!

I’ve gained… we’re not talking about it. Mmmkay? 😉

Midwife appointment this week? Nope, but I have my glucose screen next week. Yikes. Thankfully I asked for the organic grape juice so I don’t have to drink the watered down sprite-like drink…

Current mood: All over the place, honestly. Happy that things are finally coming together with buying my dad’s house (my late childhood home!) and getting everything completed and ready for my graduate school residency. But also stressed that so much is happening at once. It’s definitely an exciting time!

Cravings: Anything sweet.

Food Aversions: Salty foods and pizza. If it’s not a little sweet or at least savory, I’m not stomaching it really.

The yucky stuff: Am I breathing fire yet? Just call me a dragon. Damn, heartburn.

Currently rocking: Okay, y’all. I kinda want to cry about this but even some of my early pregnancy maternity clothes are getting too small. I may need to retire pants altogether and just wear dresses from here on out…

The best thing about pregnancy this week? She’s been dancing like crazy. 🙂

What’s different about baby #2 than with Jude’s pregnancy? Sometimes I forget I’m pregnant. Well, at least until she starts tap dancing again. But honestly other than being tired and the heartburn, I don’t feel very hormonal. (other than my ability to cry about happy things in like 2 seconds flat)

I’m nervous about: getting everything ready in time! I have it set so I close on the house Aug 1, so that doesn’t give me a ton of time to get everything situated. We need to scrape the popcorn ceiling, paint the ceiling & walls, buy some furniture, paint the crib and set it up, possible paint a dresser (or buy a new one), put up wall furnishings & curtains, and yeahhhhh it gets overwhelming. That’s just for Hattie’s room too! We also have to do a lot to the living room and turn the dining room into a study.

Other thoughts: Jude’s last day of pre-K at his current school is the 30th. I also leave for Barcelona on the 30th. We’re closing out June on a weird/sad/exciting note! So much is happening. I know change is a good thing, but I’m ready to fast forward until after Hattie is here so life can *hopefully* calm down a bit. Who am I kidding though? I’ll have two kiddos… that doesn’t seem very calm!