Baby Two: 12 Weeks Pregnant

I’m 12 weeks pregnant, y’all!

12 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Lamotta is due September 28th, 2017!

Today is 3/17/17 which means I’m 12 weeks, 1 day.

Baby is the size of a toy soldier!

Baby is a… no clue!

Doctor’s appointment this week? Nope.  

Current mood: Happy J

Cravings: Banana pudding and chocolate milk/hot chocolate

Food Aversions: Pizza still… and I just ate broccoli & cheddar soup and now I want to throw up because it’s remains are in the trash next to me and smells terrible.

The yucky stuff: I was only able to eat cereal for like three days straight for every meal. While there are better days, I’m still really sick a lot and my eating habits are out of whack. I’m ready to be back at the gym but I’m either nauseous or too tired at lunchtime. It’s been bringing my mood down.

Currently rocking: Green shirt belted under my boobs for St Pattys!

The best thing about pregnancy this week? We told the rest of the family and then finally posted on facebook! J The whole world knows now!

What’s different about baby #2 than with Jude’s pregnancy? My grandparents were excited! Lol and the whole feeling like crap thing.  Also, craving chocolate drinks. With Jude I craved lemonade but now it sounds gross to me.

I’m nervous about: Finding out the gender next month!

Other thoughts: Still feeling like it’s a girl. 🙂

12 weeks pregnant