Baby Three: 39 Weeks!


Today is 9/11/20 which means I’m 39 weeks, 5 days! A little late with this post!

Baby Lamotta is due 9/13/20!

Baby is the size of a small pumpkin!

Baby Lamotta is a GIRL!

I’ve gained… I had my math wrong last week or I lost weight because I’ve gained about 28.4 pounds.

Midwife appointment this week? I had one yesterday with Stacie. She didn’t check dilation or sweep me and I’m okay with it. I’m measuring 40 weeks. We discussed continuing to try to get baby girl to flip since she’s still OP. She encouraged me to pump at least 3x a day and keep up with the red raspberry leaf tea and dates and EPO. I told her I was nervous about having a big baby and she felt the baby through my stomach and said she’s guessing she will be similar to Hattie, maybe 8lbs 7oz, and if she’s right, I owe her coffee! Ha! My next appointment is Monday if I haven’t gone into labor.

Current mood: I’m over being pregnant and ready to meet this sweet girl.

Cravings: Ice all day long. I haven’t had a ton of food cravings lately. I can’t fit much in my belly anyway!

Food Aversions: Mexican. And now anything that could cause heartburn like spicy foods and pizza. I eat so many tums and take Pepcid daily.

Currently rocking: A nursing dress so I can easily pump.

TMI: So much poop. Hemorrhoids are back. Thank god for Tucks. Fun times.

The best thing about pregnancy this week? I actually had a couple of days where I was content and didn’t feel super uncomfortable.

What’s different about baby #3 than with Jude and Hattie’s pregnancies? I have a feeling I might go past 40 weeks this time.

I’m nervous about: the pain of giving birth.

Other thoughts: I am so anxious to get this show on the road.