Baby Three: 28 Weeks!

I told myself I would NOT be this mom. You know – the one who slacked hard core with her third child. But here I am… SIX WEEKS late on this. I haven’t updated since 22 weeks and here I am mid-28th week and just now remembering to do this. And let me tell you – A LOT has happened in those six weeks. 🙂

Today is 6/24/20 which means I’m 28 weeks, 3 days!

Baby Lamotta is due 9/13/20!

Baby is the size of a coconut!

Baby Lamotta is a GIRL. We went to specialty ultrasound place on Sunday as part of Jordan’s Father’s day present since he hasn’t been able to come to any ultrasounds since the first due to COVID-19. She confirmed for us yet again that baby is still a girl.

I’ve gained… 12 pounds!

Midwife appointment this week? Last Friday I had my glucose test and PASSED. And also almost passed out waiting for the midwife to come in. I had to alert the staff and they fed me crackers and apple juice. Apparently mama can’t hang after drinking the nasty glucose drink and then getting blood drawn. 🙂 The downside to my results: as suspected, I am anemic. This happened with Hattie as well. I am on a regimen of 20ml of Floradix twice a day and will have my blood re-tested in a few weeks. This explains why I’ve been SO tired all the time.

Current mood: Happy to finally be moved into our new home, tired (because #anemic), and ready to get this house unpacked so mama can nest.

Cravings: Spicy chicken nuggets with ranch from Wendys.

Food Aversions: Mexican.

Currently rocking: A gray maternity dress.

TMI: My stomach was torn up after the glucose test for days. I am finally feeling better but every time I have dairy or even almond milk, I get nauseous.

The best thing about pregnancy this week? We had the specialty ultrasound on Sunday so we caught a glimpse of baby girl. Unfortunately, she was sound asleep and in a bad position and I couldn’t get her to move so we had to reschedule to get the photos. We did get one 3D one with her mouth open. It was so cute watching Hattie’s excitement of seeing the baby on the screen (Jude was at his dad’s so he didn’t come).

What’s different about baby #3 than with Jude and Hattie’s pregnancies? I am tired a lot sooner. I felt like I had way more energy with both of them.

I’m nervous about: giving birth… I am starting to remember how much it hurt and freaking myself out a bit. Homegirl is really low in my pelvis so I’m kind of hoping she just slithers on out of there quickly when the time comes. LOL

Other thoughts: I can’t wait to get her nursery ready – finally!