Baby One: The Nursery

*Please note, this post was originally published on my former blog β€œHere Comes Baby One” on May 6,Β 2012. I’m republishing this content on this website to have it all in one place. Hope you enjoy digging up memory lane with me!


So I know I’ve posted a couple pictures here and there of previews of the nursery.. and now (minus needing to be vacuumed) it is FINALLY clean and everything is in its place! The only thing that still needs to be done is to actually put pictures in the frames but I am still waiting on the CD from Alison for our maternity pictures (should be here tomorrow!) and I want to put pictures of Jude up as well so for now they are empty! But very soon they shall be filled!

I wanted a travel-themed nursery for sure but I also love to read and am very big on the whole being creative and doing what you love and believing in yourself so I combined all of these aspects and this is what happened. I think it turned out really great. I made a lot of the frames and the “Keep Calm & Travel On” picture and Jessica made me the Jude nameplate so kudos to Jess!

If you’d like to know where anything came from to buy yourself, just leave me a comment and I’d be happy to let you know! Enjoy πŸ™‚

Crib & Glider — “Oh the Places You’ll Go” bedding and clock, Aviator bear in glider, Jude nameplate Jess made and Dumbledore quote!

“Oh the Places you’ll Go” Sheets, rail pad, and sheets (and blanket hanging on end)! — Yes, I know nothing can actually be in the crib but he won’t be using it for a while since I have a sleeper for him next to my bed so for now, it will house stuffed animals!

Another angle with the eiffel tower growth chart and infant to toddler rocker Anne gave me.

Up close of the Dumbledore quote and nameplate!

Another angle

Up close of the eiffel tower growth chart!

Crib, bookshelf, windows w/ curtains, rocker and step stool w/ storage


Up close of the bookshelf with picture frames


Dresser, Bookshelf and closet — The closet is gross and really needs to be painted but that’s hard to do when your pregnant so for now it will just have to have peeled paint πŸ™

Blurry picture of everything stuffed in the little closet… couldn’t even open the doors completely because the step stool is in the way but you get the picture! He has clothes from newborn to about 18-24 months already! πŸ™‚


Close up of the top of the dresser! Found this globe at a yard sale for a dollar! Frame, Globe, Slumber Buddies frog (he lights up stars & moons on the ceiling and plays music!), “love” blocks and the corsage from my first baby shower with a quote from Harry Potter above it all!

More of the room– Crib, Glider, old TV stand I spray painted and made into a little storage thing, mirror & shelves and the changing table — Corona had to be part of the picture πŸ™‚

Glider, storage, shelves, ultrasound picture frame, hamper, diapers galore, changing table, “Oh the Places You’ll Go” picture frames and Dr. Suess quote πŸ™‚

Lamp, Picture frame & Jude blocks I made, Frog cool mist humidifier, “Keep Calm & Take a Nap”, “Reach for the Sky!” toy story quote plaque, “If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney plaque, green chalkboard piggy bank, and classic Peter Pan book!

Had to do a close up of the glider and aviator bear because it is just sooooo comfy!
Another angle with the door open — Changing table, diaper pail and the door has a chalkboard elephant on it and a little pouch Β to keep chalk in.

With the door closed there are photos going behind it πŸ™‚

Close up of hamper, diapers, changing table with loads of diapers/wipes/storage on it and the diaper pail!

Dr. Suess quote and “Oh the Places You’ll Go” frames πŸ™‚


with the door open leading to the hallway. There is a J above the door!

Chalkboard Elephant, some ribbon from a present and the pouch with chalk in it on the door πŸ™‚

So there it is folks! Hope you like it πŸ™‚