Valentine’s Day Styles for Your Little Man

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is celebrating holidays. What I love even more about holidays is the chance to dress up. I’ll admit, I’ve gotten a bit lazy as an adult and haven’t been dressing up as much, or even remembering to dress the kid up! When he was a baby, you bet your ass I had ever “first” holiday outfit probably bought when I was pregnant. I was ON.TOP.OF.MY.SHIT. Cut to today, he’s five and I just can’t even remember what day of the week it is. Well, my darlings, I’m determined to change that. So here’s a few of my favorite items right now for little boys for VALENTINE’S DAY! Feel free to click the links or the slideshow at the bottom to purchase any (I made sure they were all affordable and not crazy GAP prices — sorry, but this mama can’t afford $40 for a t-shirt he will grow out of in approximately 2 minutes). I do make a small commission on purchases. This allows me to maintain this blog, so thank you in advance!

valentines boy outfits

Mickey Mouse ShirtFestive Bow TiesMommy’s Valentine Shirt

Red PantsYoda ShirtHeart Break Set


I’ve added a few more items to the slideshow below that might interest you. I think the red pants with a white button down, and the festive tie would be SO adorable. Let’s be honest, I just want the bow ties because they set me up for FOUR holidays at once. These are just too awesome not to buy!

Do you have a favorite holiday outfit go-to for your little one? Leave a comment below with a photo!! 🙂