Two Full Days in Savannah with Kids

**This was one of those times where I wrote half a post and then forgot about it. So this actually happened over a year ago – whatttt. Time flies. But here it is!**

A few weekends ago, our little family hopped in the car for 2 full days in Savannah. Savannah with kids can be a challenge! I mean, there are bars galore! It’s definitely a city I’ve always frequented as an adult. How was it going to be WITH the kids? I was a little nervous but I also didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to have a weekend somewhere with my family. It ended up being a really great time, and I wish we had gone sooner with them! During this trip, they were almost 6 years old and about 9 months old.

2 days in savannah with kids

Our Plan

One of my favorite things about Savannah is – you guessed it – the FOOD! I’m a big lover of seafood (who would have guessed after spending the majority of my childhood refusing to try shrimp or crab *rolls eyes*) and Savannah has some really delicious seafood restaurants. Since it’s in Georgia, you can also count on some great southern classics as well. Every time I go to Savannah, I always have a meal at the Lady & Sons. Lady & Sons is Paula Deen’s restaurant and like her butter-loving self, it does not disappoint! I’m a big plan-my-day-around-food kind of person. I don’t like having to wing it – I want to research restaurants beforehand, and if I don’t, I want to be sure a local directs me where to eat. In this case, since we had very limited time, I was sure to make reservations for lunch at Lady & Sons and dinner at The Pirate House. I hadn’t been to The Pirate House before, but many friends suggested it as a great restaurant for kids.

Getting to Savannah

This was a very budget-friendly weekend trip for us, and we wanted to maximize our time. Because of this, we drove most of the way to Savannah on Friday night after work, and stayed at a cheap motel in Hardeeville, just 25 minutes outside of Savannah on Friday. We got there so late we pretty much just checked in and went to bed. The next morning, we took advantage of the free breakfast and then made our way into the city.

Day 1

We arrived to Savannah pretty early Saturday morning. Since my son loves trains, we decided to go to the Georgia State Railroad Museum. We were there right when it opened to maximize our day. You enter through a gift shop that has neat toys and then head into the museum.

Fair warning, this is pretty much all outdoors, so be sure to check the weather before you go. It was sunny outside but even going in the morning, the humidity crept up as we stayed. We spent a couple hours exploring the grounds, taking pictures, and my son got to have some fun on the tracks. I can’t remember what it’s called, but you push the handle up and down and it moves down the track – this was his favorite part! This was definitely worth the money. We considered the children’s museum but after reading reviews, it didn’t seem like it’d be worth the money for us. I’m glad we chose the railroad museum instead! If you have more time, they offer another ticket where you can get entry into multiple attractions but since we weren’t there long enough to take advantage of it, the railroad museum was enough.

After the railroad museum, we went to Forsyth park. They were having an event where the students and alumni of SCAD were painting sidewalk squares. We couldn’t find street parking but someone was selling parking spaces in a lot nearby for $10 and we took advantage of it. I put Hattie in the stroller and we walked around the park, awing at the different artists creating their masterpieces. Since it was still early, some of them were just starting so we got to see the process of actually making them.

Some artists were free-handing, some were tracing, and some were painting from sight (a drawing or picture). There were a ton of people and farther at the end of the park there was a farmer’s market too. We stopped and took pictures by one of the fountains. My son is obsessed with photography all of a sudden so we let him snap a few pics of us and the baby before we got a stranger to take a family photo. It was a beautiful day but it was hot too. We spent about an hour walking around then headed back to the car before driving closer to downtown so we could make our lunch reservation.

Once we parked again, I nursed Hattie in the car while Jordan and Jude went souvenir shopping. I get my kids shirts from every trip and when they graduate high school, I’m going to have them made into a blanket they can take to college. Jude has a nice stash of shirts going and Hattie will too soon. Once the baby was fed, it was time to go to lunch. I always make a reservation at The Lady & Sons when I’m in Savannah. It’s Paula Deen’s restaurant and in true Paula fashion, the menu is full of buttery, fattening southern cuisine. We went at lunch so we could enjoy the buffet for a lower price. Even Hattie enjoyed it!

After lunch, we made a pit-stop at Wet Willies. I know, I know. It’s where everyone gets good and drunk real quick. BUT they do have non-alcoholic slushies! Jordan and I both got an alcoholic one (mmm chocolate!) and Jude as able to get a small non-alcoholic one and he loved it! We walked around and drank our slushies, enjoying the nice weather and view of the river. Then we hit up a few shops.

After spending some time out and about, we went back to our hotel and got settled, We had reservations for The Pirate’s House restaurant for dinner.

While this was the priciest part of our trip, it was worth it just for the fun that our five year old had. There was fun pirate swag, ghost stories, and a fancy drink in a glass skull cup. It was definitely a winner but plan to spend quite a bit. When we felt nice and stuffed, we headed out into Savannah for dessert. We ended up at a sweets shop and got ice cream. It was the perfect end to our day!

Day 2

Since it was already beach weather, we figured the best plan was to get out of the city on Day 2 and head to Tybee Island for some fun in the sun. This was our daughter’s very first beach trip! She loved all the sand and even loved the water too. She wasn’t quite walking on her own yet but she held my hand and stood on the beach with me.

We spent quite a few hours here before finding somewhere to eat lunch and heading back to NC. This was the perfect day for our littles. It was nice to take a break from the city vibes and spend some time on the beach. I love that Savannah has the opportunity for both!

We really loved our trip and can’t wait to go back again soon!

Did I miss any of your favorite kid-friendly spots? Let me know by leaving a comment below!