“The scariest moment is always just before you start”

New novels. New adventures. New life. It’s scary. It’s scary when you give your heart to someone and they don’t take it seriously. It scary when you’re forced to forget all the memories that were beyond wonderful. It’s scary to start over. But it’s true that it’s always scary before you start something new. So I’ll work on me. I’ll see beautiful places. I’ll make beautiful words. I’ll show my child the beautiful things this world has to offer. And if I should ever find someone who made me feel alive like he did, I’ll know better. I’ll know that forever is just a silly concept pushed on us in fairytales. I’ll know that hearts break and people lie. But I’ll try. Because it’ll just be another beginning and as long as we go forward in life, we can only hope that there’s lots of beginnings waiting for us.

Ill try not to love you. <3