So many great things!

May has been a great month. My writing is getting published in FOUR places. What?!?!?! It feels unreal. But I’m still submitting different stories so hopefully the list will continue to grow. The third piece I’m having published is a short piece called “Hell is a Strange Place” and will be published in June 2013. Stay tuned for a link!

In other writing news, I’ve just submitted my screenplay to the Austin Film Festival. I know it’s a long shot but I just had to do it. You never know unless you try, am I right??

Another awesome project I’m working on is a LITERARY MAGAZINE! We are currently accepting submissions for our first online issue. Please check  us out if you’d like to submit: Http://  

We are also on FACEBOOK! So you should LIKE us and SHARE us with your friends 🙂 Http://


Okay, I’m done bragging and soliciting you fine folk. 


Back to my writing struggles… I’m working on a short story that is erotica. I’ve never written this genre and I’m kind of stuck after they, ya know, get it on. All the dialogue in my head just sounds so cheesy. It’s hard writing something that is supposed to turn on the reader.

I’m also seriously thinking about my novel (Catalyst) lately. I really want to dissect the first few chapters and maybe even rewrite a lot of them. It’s just hard trying to find time to be patient enough to ONLY work on the novel when I have SO SO SO many stories in my head. But I guess that’s just the life of a writer.

Anyone else having trouble staying focused?