Queries, Submissions & New Stories

You’re the Catalyst queries have been sent! I’m still researching more agents to send queries to but I’ve sent a bunch for now. Now I play the waiting game which is never fun. I did get on rejection already (super fast, too) but it was from somewhere that only had you send the query and no pages. I don’t like that as much. So hopefully someone will read the pages and like it! It’s my baby, as I’m sure all of you think of your own books as, and I would hate for it to never see the light of day!

But since I’ve finished editing and query sending, I’ve started on a new book! Second Best is the working title of the New Adult fiction book I’m writing. Remember when I told you I was writing a dystopian trilogy? Well, I’ve put it on hold since apparently YA Dystopian is really hard to sell right now. So I’m writing what is HOT, HOT, HOT and that is New Adult romance. I’m not going to talk about the plot at all because it is still too close. But I will say that I’m already on chapter two! From now on, when I post a word count, it will be in reference to Second Best instead of You’re the Catalyst. 

On the publishing front, we’ve received lots of great submissions for Forever Onward! Review. I’m excited to publish our first issue this week! I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t receive any drabble or flash fiction though since that’s my favorite to read. Hopefully someone will send something for the next issue (or by tonight for this first one). I’d REALLY love to read some great YA/NA flash fiction!

I’d also like to say, I read Sarah Dessen’s The Moon & More, and I wasn’t too excited when I was done. I don’t think she will ever be able to top This Lullaby or The Truth About Forever for me. Those two are just perfection! I’m also reading Beautiful by Amy Reed. I think it’ll be a quick read, and so far it’s pretty good. It kind of reminds me of You’re the Catalyst because one choice changes everything for this girl. I’ll let you know what I think when I finish reading. I found the book at Edward Mckay’s and had to buy it. I’d never heard of it before that.


Well, back to writing (& publishing!)!

Word Count: 5,253