My, oh my, how long it’s been!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been two months since I’ve updated my blog! Things have been so very hectic in my personal life (going through a divorce with a kid can definitely take up a lot of space in your mind!) so I’ve been neglecting my writing a little. I did end up finishing Camp NaNoWriMo in July. I’m still working on editing the first draft of my NA novel since I kind of put it on hold to do other things. But I plan to get back to it ASAP! 

One of the biggest things in my personal life that is changing is I’m about to start a new full time job tomorrow! I’ll be working for a biotechnology company and I’m very excited about it! I’m not, however, excited about putting my 16 month old in daycare again. I hate being away from the little booger and I hate knowing he will probably get sick. But I’m working on being okay with it and the thought of hanging out with actual adults and having adult conversations again is definitely a plus! 🙂

As for my writing, I’ve been published in a couple places since I last updated. My short story “Dear Prudence” with an ALTERNATE ending from my previous post was published in the issue 541 of Bewildering Stories. You can view it here! (Make sure you click “proceed to part 2” after you read the first part) My piece of drabble (Do you know what DRABBLE is? It’s an EXACTLY 100 word story!) was published in the Crossroads issue of The Were-Traveler. You can view my drabble piece titled Hell is a Strange Place here! And last but definitely not least, my flash fiction piece titled Drowning was published on Apocrypha & Abstractions. You can view my flash fiction here!

You’ll notice after reading these three pieces that I write kind of depressing crap. Well, as Mark Twain said, write what you know, right? Ha. I’m not sure that’s exactly true but I’ve definitely always been able to tap into the depressing emotions better than the happier ones. I feel very fake writing happy scenes sometimes. I’m working on it. You’ll be happy to know that my YA novel (that I’m still waiting to hear back from certain agents on) is not at all depressing. My NA novel does have some depressing moments since it does deal with a character having cancer, but it isn’t anywhere near the realm of Dear Prudence or Drowning. 

Well, that’s about it for my writing. I’m still working on a few different short stories and a paranormal romance/kick booty series. Hopefully I’ll still find some time to write while working full time! 




  1. toconnell88 | 30th Jan 14

    I see you’re a fellow flash fiction fan. Congrats on your recent publishing successes 🙂

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