How I Increased My Milk Supply in Less Than a Week

Boosting my milk supply 8 months postpartum

Tips for how I increased my milk supply in less than a week!

increasing milk supply

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I’m not one to give up on a goal. This is something many people know about me. No matter what it is, I’m very determined to fulfill what I set out to do. With my second child, I wanted to accomplish the same as I did with Jude. I wanted to continue our breastfeeding journey for (at least) one year. However, once Hattie turned 8 months and was doing very well with BLW (baby led weaning, for those who don’t know) I realized my pumping output was low, as was the stash I had built up in my freezer. If I didn’t do something to increase my milk supply quickly, I wasn’t going to make it to my year goal of exclusively breastfeeding without a drop of formula.

Formula is a great choice for some moms. I’m not knocking formula here. But the right choice for MY family is breastmilk. It’s a little disheartening when someone learns you’re low on their supply and their immediate response is “Looks like you may have to start using formula” or “you can always supplement”. I know that they feel they are being helpful, but how I feed my child is MY choice. Just like how you feed yours is YOUR choice. My choice will always be breastmilk so long as I can supply it. I knew that if I wanted to keep it up I was going to need to get serious about boosting my milk supply pronto.

A week after this realization, I’m happy to say that my efforts DID work. I’ve successfully boosted my milk supply at 8 1/2 months postpartum and I’m excited to share what worked for me. All women are different, so there are no guarantee that this will work for you – but I hope some of this is helpful. I know that it may be temporary and I might have to do these steps again, but I’m thankful I now know what works for me. Increasing your milk supply this late in the game is typically more challenging than in the beginning. But if you put in the work, you will be happy you did!

How I boosted my milk supply

  • Goat’s RueI discovered goat’s rue this pregnancy and I’m very glad I did. I was searching Amazon one day and it was one of the things that came up for increasing milk supply. On a whim, I bought a bottle and tried it out. It worked really well in the beginning. I was a little skeptical about whether it’d work this long after birth, but I’m happy to say that I really believe it has helped now also. What I love most about goat’s rue is that the pills are really small. I hate horse pills with a passion and these are so small in comparison.
  • Power pumping + adding in extra pumps – I dreaded this one. I did not want to have to pump more, but I knew it was going to be needed. If you don’t know, power pumping involves pumping for 10 minutes (or 20 mins) then off for 10 mins, then on for 10, off for 10, and again on for 10 minutes. You will need to do this at least 1-2x a day for a few days to have an impact. I also found that putting my pump back on the faster setting quicker helped too as my pump automatically would change to the longer pumps too soon and cause me not to fully capture my letdown. In addition to power pumping, I also added in an extra pump (sometimes 2) at night. Typically I put Hattie down around 8pm and then she’d either sleep the whole night until 7am or wake up 1-2 times to nurse. Instead of waiting until nursing her again, I’d pump one or twice between 9 pm and 11:30 pm. This extra pump has been a lifesaver for extra milk. This is the pump that I use. Make sure you’re also replacing pump parts as they wear.
  • Pumping while baby girl nurses – This doesn’t work for all babies, since some nurse on both sides each time (like my son did) but Hattie has always only nursed one side at a time, so I knew I was missing out on milk potential. For a few days, every time she nursed, I’d pump the other side while she was nursing. The letdown of a nursing baby is stronger than what a pump can capture, so this was really effective in collecting extra milk and helping me build my stash back up.
  • Lactation cookies – This is one of my favorite things about increasing my milk supply. I get to EAT COOKIES!! Y’all, what better way to make more milk for your baby than to eat delicious cookies?! I seriously love these cookies so much. I probably eat five or six in one sitting a few times a day. Not good for my gut, but good for my supply! You can use my recipe here: 
  • Drinking water and lots of it – I’m terrible about this but it’s important to remember that breast milk is largely made up of water, and if you aren’t getting enough of it, this can seriously cause an effect on your milk supply. I made the effort to drink water every single time I pumped vs only when I was thirsty. This was a huge help, although the extra peeing can be slightly annoying. 🙂 This water bottle would be perfect to keep with you at all times!

Additional ways to boost your milk supply

If you’re looking for additional ways to boost your supply, here are a few more tips if the above just don’t cut it:

    • Brewer’s yeast – My lactation cookie recipe includes brewer’s yeast but if you really want to go hardcore with it, you can also use brewer’s yeast in smoothies. There are a lot of great recipes on pinterest! This is the brewer’s yeast powder that I use.
    • Fenugreek – I’ve heard mixed reviews on fenugreek. Works great for some and not at all for others. Unfortunately, I’m one of those that it doesn’t work for. From what I’ve been told for those it DOES work for, you have to take so much of it that you start to smell like maple syrup.
    • Mother’s Milk tea – There is tea specifically designed for increasing your milk supply, but again, there are mixed reviews. You have to drink A LOT of it each day and it tastes bad… and some say it can actually have the opposite effect. I say, only do this one if you’re desperate.
    • De-stress – This one is hard but stress can really have an effect on your milk supply. Don’t forget to RELAX. Take a warm bath, go for a walk, or just get some extra sleep.

The results

After using these methods, I’m happy to say my pumping output has almost doubled while at work, and I’ve started building my stash back up through the extra pumps at night and while baby girl nurses. I will continue to use these tricks to help us get through the first year of breastfeeding, and I hope to continue our breastfeeding journey until we are both ready to stop.

Remember, only you and your partner can decide what’s best for you and your family when it comes to feeding your baby. Don’t let others persuade you to make a choice you don’t agree with. I hope these tips for how I increased my milk supply in less than a week can help even just one person reach their breastfeeding goals. You got this, mama!

And if you need support along the way, you are always welcome to message me. I’m happy to lend an ear or give suggestions. It’s always best to also talk to a lactation consultant if you’re really struggling, too.


  1. Angela Cameron | 15th Jun 18

    I drink Healthy nursing tea, it works the best for me. I’ve also heard that oatmeal helps, and of course, drink lots of water and try to get enough sleep.

    • Katie | 20th Jun 18

      I’ve heard oatmeal too! That’s why I love those lactation cookies. They are oatmeal-based. 🙂

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