first trip of 2015


Tomorrow marks my first trip of 2015! So excited to visit some friends in boca and Miami! I can’t wait to spend the long weekend with them. I had planned on being in Vegas and going to the Grand Canyon this weekend with the ex (a surprise I had planned for his birthday) this weekend but I think this should be even more fun!

I fly into Ft Lauderdale tomorrow morning, spend the day with Shaun (has it really been 3 1/2 years since we have seen each other?!), then Sunday we go to Miami and will meet up with Lizzie (my BFF from dance in 1st and 2nd grade!) whom I haven’t seen since elementary school in NY! So excited to see her. After that, I’ll be staying with Timor for the the night and he will take me to the airport in the afternoon on Monday.

Can’t wait to use my two new bathing suits! And speaking of new suits, I’ve been doing crossfit for a month and a half now and I’m proud to say I’m already starting to see results! My stomach has always been my least favorite area, especially after having a kid so I’m surprised I feel so good about wearing a bikini now. 🙂