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Superhero or Princess Gender Reveal

  I know it’s taken me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to post about our Superhero or Princess gender reveal, but here it finally is! I found this idea via pinterest and it was super fun. Let me start by saying that I have nothing against women being superheroes. It actually was super obnoxious when I got a comment like “hey girls can be superheros too” and let me tell you, you are no fun if you think bashing on someone’s party idea is nice. It’s just a dang party…

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One Year Old: A Dr Seuss Birthday

When Jude was one, I wrote about his Dr Seuss birthday party and some of his pictures went viral on my Pinterest. Since I stopped blogging on that particular blog, I decided to move the post over here! This story is almost three and a half years old and still makes me tear up! I miss that little dude– I can’t believe how much changes in four years. Enjoy! ___________________________________________________________________ Jude’s first birthday party was so much fun to plan. Setting up, however, took forever and so did the baking. I put a lot of…

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My Four Year Old’s Rocket Themed Birthday Party

  Jude turned four in May and he insisted on having a rocket themed birthday party. He likes Miles from Tomorrowworld but this wasn’t a strictly Miles party. I ended up using some Miles themed items from Party City simply because I couldn’t find any space themed b-day stuff for younger children anywhere near my house. I had to get the Miles stuff from Party City online even! I was pretty bummed but got lucky because at least it was on sale. Apparently if your kid doesn’t want Mickey or Jake, you&#8217…

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