Baby Two: 30 Weeks Pregnant

30 weeks pregnant

Baby Lamotta is due September 28th, 2017!

Today is 7/20/17 which means I’m 30 weeks pregnant!

Baby is the size of a motorcycle helmet, or a cantaloupe for those of you who prefer the fruit analogies.

I’ve gained… so according to my scale, I’ve gained 19.5 pounds. I’m not 100% sure how accurate the scale I’m using is though.

Midwife appointment this week? Nope – next week though!

Current mood: Stressed! Man, there is SO much going on right now. While I had my graduation for my MFA last week in Spain, I still have to turn in my final draft of my thesis by August 1. I’m also in the process of closing on a house beginning of August. I have maternity photos and a baby shower coming up, and then I need to get to work on Hattie’s nursery! There’s SO much to do before baby girl arrives. Did I mention that my son is starting kindergarten the first week of August too!?? SO MUCH CHANGE is happening. It’s making my head spin!

Cravings: None lately, actually.

Food Aversions: Some day I will love you again, Pizza.

The yucky stuff: Constipation. Mood Swings. Having to pee every 2 seconds. Unable to breathe most of the time because of having no room in my belly. Unable to lie on my back anymore because of the whole not being able to breathe thing. Tired all the time.

Currently rocking: A maternity dress I got from H&M in Espana!

The best thing about pregnancy this week? Hattie has been dancing up a storm non-stop practically all day and night. It’s amazing but also kind of distracting. 🙂

What’s different about baby #2 than with Jude’s pregnancy? These past two weeks have shown me that I can be active and still manage. Although, it is hard.

I’m nervous about: Getting everything ready in time for baby girl’s arrival!

Other thoughts: Y’all, I could write a book on why you should never travel in your 3rd trimester. And also why you should never fly Air Canada. My flight home was AWFUL. My plane was stuck on the tarmac for 2 hours in Barcelona before we left. We finally got to Toronto and I had an Air Canada Lounge pass so that was pretty awesome. The delay meant I had 4 hours there instead of 6, which was fine by me. However, once we boarded to come home, something went wrong with the plane and they couldn’t find a new one so we ended up having to collect our bags, go through customs, and Air Canada had to get everyone a hotel for the night. This process took hours so by the time I got to my hotel, it was 12:30am and I’d been up since 7:00am Spain time. So It felt like 6:30 in the morning to me. Then the earliest they could get me back to RDU was leaving at 3:45PM so I wasted the day away napping at the hotel and then waiting at the airport. Immigration took an hour, I had to get a pat down, and when it got close to take off time, they delayed our flight three hours. It was the worst. We finally got home but the delay ended up being closer to four hours. Jude was already asleep when I got home which was a big bummer.

While I’m a seasoned traveler and normally I’d just roll with the punches, this experience really enlightened me that I shouldn’t be traveling internationally alone while in my 3rd trimester. If I had company/help, things may have been easier. That being said, I’ve got a babymoon this weekend in Tampa with Jordan and Jude and I’m hoping things go much smoother. I’ll be flying Southwest, which I’m thankful of because they have amazing customer service. We’ll be staying with my travel friend Thuy. I haven’t seen her in two years so I’m pretty excited! Jude has no idea, so I can’t wait to surprise him when I pick him up tomorrow and tell him that not only are we flying to Florida, we are also taking him to LEGOLAND on Saturday. I better get lots of hugs & kisses for this one. 😉

Pray for me, y’all. Mama doesn’t need another travel nightmare! This will be four weekends in a row I spend at airports. #bless