Baby Two: 27 Weeks Pregnant

27 weeks pregnant

Baby Lamotta is due September 28th, 2017!

Today is 6/29/17 which means I’m 27 weeks pregnant. Some say this is the 3rd trimester, others say 28 weeks is! Since my midwife says 28, I’m sticking to 28!

Baby is the size of a camping lantern!

I’ve gained… 15 pounds! yikes!

Midwife appointment this week? Yes! Tuesday night I had my 2nd trimester solo appointment that included my glucose screen. The appointment itself was great but the glucose screen was a nightmare. The organic grape juice was good, thankfully, but when it came time to have my blood drawn, I was not happy. First, if you know me, you know that I can’t handle needles or blood draws in general. I get anxious and I’ve been known to pass out. The girl who draws blood at my birth center had a hard time locating a vein the last time and had Angela, one of the midwives, draw instead because she wasn’t feeling confident. Angela had no problem, thankfully, and everything was fine. Having had this experience already, I was not confident in her abilities. She does my right arm first, and couldn’t get blood out, although she wipes blood away that drips down my arm and leaves me bruised. She says my veins are hard to see or too deep and I probably didn’t drink enough water. Again, I’m skeptical because of last time and the fact that I drink SO much water. Also, if you can’t tell, I’m pale – suuuuuper pale- and you can see my veins 24/7. I’ve never had issues with blood draws before. So she tries my left arm and again sticks me but says she can’t get to the vein because she says it’s too deep.

By this point, I’m super anxious and they start talking about sticking my hand. I say multiple times that Angela had no problem the last time. I’m hoping they take the hint and see if Angela is available (I’d seen her around when I was waiting in the lobby). My current midwife (can’t for the life of me remember her name – dang preggo brain!) does not seem confident about drawing my blood either. The phlebotomist (I’m assuming that’s what she is) had to leave at exactly seven so my midwife says she’ll take over since it’s now seven. I feel slightly relieved I don’t have to beg for someone else. I repeat about my experience last time with Angela and my midwife goes and finds her and brings her in to me. Angela is always a ray of sunshine and she was happy to stick me instead. She immediately finds a vein in my hand, sticks me, and draws the blood. It hurt less than the other woman sticking my arms too! Thankfully, I only have to have one more blood draw at 36 weeks. Would it be totally horrible if I request someone other than the phlebotomist? I literally cannot let her stick me again. I will go crazy! I still have a bruise on my arm… two days later.

Current mood: Excited and a little sad. My residency is the next two weeks so I leave for Spain tomorrow. I had some last minute flight issues but now I have a seven hour layover in Toronto tomorrow so I’ll get to see my friend Kryss while I’m there. 🙂 I’m a little sad that I have to leave Jude and Jordan behind though. I really wish someone could see me graduate.

Cravings: Fruit — cherries!

Food Aversions: Still not feeling pizza or super salty/sour anything.

The yucky stuff: Well, I found out I passed my glucose test, but I also found out that I’m anemic. So now I will be taking a supplement for iron. It’s kind of pricey but what can ya do?

Currently rocking: I’m wearing a non-maternity dress today with a shirt tied around the top of it and a cute scarf. If you look at me from certain angles, I just look a bit chubby, not pregnant. LOL.

The best thing about pregnancy this week? It was kind of funny watching my midwife try to find baby girl’s heartbeat and Hattie kept punching and kicking where the doppler was and refused to let her hear the heartbeat. Little girl is feisty!

What’s different about baby #2 than with Jude’s pregnancy? I’m pretty sure I took an iron supplement with Jude, but I wasn’t actually anemic.

I’m nervous about: traveling tomorrow. I’ve never been on a plane pregnant, especially an eight hour ride, so I’m nervous about it. I normally sleep on these overnight ones but since I’m pregnant, I need to get up and walk every hour or so to avoid blood clots. I got some compression socks, so hoping those help. I also upgraded to economy plus so hopefully the bigger seats will make me more comfortable.

Other thoughts: Tomorrow is also Jude’s last day of pre-K. I’m super bummed that my flight leaves early and I can’t take him or pick him up but that is probably a good thing because I’m sure I’d start crying. Jude is super excited that he will be going to Florida next week though and then camp the next. I’m looking forward to our FaceTimes while I’m away!


  1. A | 3rd Jul 17

    No- not crazy. You can talk to your midwife at your next visit and share your concern. No reason to be anxious about it. Xo – A

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