Baby Two: 20 Weeks Pregnant

20 weeks pregnant

Baby Lamotta is due September 28th, 2017!

Today is 5/11/17 which means I’m 20 weeks! Throw the confetti! I’m halfway there! (WOAHHHH… LIVIN’ ON A PRAYERRRRR)

Baby is the size of a paper airplane.

I’ve gained… only 8 pounds! I checked all my baby apps and they said 10-12 is the norm so I have no clue how I’m only 8 pounds heavier. But Erica tells me it looks like I’ve actually lost weight. Perhaps it was the whole being sick most of this pregnancy thing. Whatever the case, I’m thankful I’m not a whale this soon. 

Midwife appointment this week? Yep! I had my first 2nd trimester visit at Baby & Co Tuesday night. As always, I was greeted with smiles all around when I walked in – even though it was a 6:30 PM appointment. It’s definitely a different feel from my last pregnancy at an OB office where no one seemed super happy to be there. At my appointment we talked about my eating and exercise habits and I was told some helpful pointers for getting all the important nutrients that I need. We also talked about whether I’d take the full birthing classes or the modified version for 2nd time parents. Since this is Jordan’s first baby, we both thought it would be beneficial for Jordan to learn all the fun techniques for helping me through labor so Jordan and I will probably take the longer class for him. I love that these are included in the price of my maternity care at Baby & Co. 

My midwife also told me that baby girl’s heartbeat is still on the fast side, but within normal range. She measured me and apparently I’m measuring bigger than I should. As of Tuesday I was measuring at 23 weeks, even though I’m just now 20 weeks. This is outside the range of normal, but she didn’t seem too worried. Baby girl probably just had a growth spurt. But she’s going to keep an eye on my growth from here on out to be sure. Another reason she wasn’t that worried is because I’ve only gained 8 pounds. According to one of my pregnancy apps, most people have gained 10-12 by now. I’m blaming the lack of weight on the fact that I barely ate my first trimester because I was soooooo sick. But let’s be honest, I’m totally fine not being a whale (yet).  

Current mood:  Tiredddddd. Phew.

Cravings: I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate muffins lately. 

Food Aversions: Y’all know what I’m about to say: Pizza. *tears*

The yucky stuff: Still peeing like crazy. 

Currently rocking:  Still rocking non-maternity Le Tote. I doubt I’ll be able to much longer. 

The best thing about pregnancy this week? I got to hear Hattie’s heartbeat at the appointment. 

What’s different about baby #2 than with Jude’s pregnancy? Baby girl is a dancer already… and super low. Jude moved a lot too but he was all up in my rib cage. 

I’m nervous about: having energy to walk around when I’m in Europe. I get so tired, so easily nowadays and I know it’s going to just get worse. 

Other thoughts: I’m looking forward to savoring the second half of my pregnancy. My favorite part of the day is when Hattie is up and moving around. I can’t wait for Jordan and Jude to be able to feel her on the outside! 🙂


  1. Bar | 12th May 17

    Congratulations! Good luck with your journey and I hope you have a very happy and healthy baby!

  2. Christina | 12th May 17

    First, I love your baby names – Jude and Hattie are so adorable. It’s got to be so exciting to finally hear the heart feet and to feel her dancing around in your belly. You seem to be doing great for how far along you are and you look great!

    • Katie | 2nd Jun 17

      Thank you so much!!

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