Baby Three: 34 Weeks!

One of the fun things about third pregnancies is that you have two kids to handle plus a full time job and side hustles and life just escapes you ALL THE TIME. So here I am again… late. Another six weeks have gone by since I last updated. Let’s play catch up!

Today is 8/2/20 which means I’m 34 weeks!

Baby Lamotta is due 9/13/20!

Baby is the size of a cabbage!

Baby Lamotta is a GIRL

I’ve gained… 19 pounds as of my 32 week appt.

Midwife appointment this week? I had one around 32 weeks. For some reason my next one isn’t until Mid-August. I may try and move it sooner since they were only supposed to be 2-3 weeks apart at this point. My last appointment was with Cassandra and we chatted briefly and that was it. I was told that I need to get a birth plan written up. I can’t believe we are at that point already!

Current mood: super stressed! We went on vacay a couple of weeks ago and ever since, I have been swamped at work. On top of this, I had some deadlines for my novel that were really hard to meet on top of everything else. But the good news is I can finally be excited because my novel comes out TOMORROW!!

Cravings: Chicken straws and ranch from BK, ice, root beer, seafood

Food Aversions: Mexican. Burgers are hit or miss.

Currently rocking: A white tank top, nursing bra (cause underwire sucks right now), maternity shorts.

TMI: This baby has invaded my belly. I am extremely uncomfortable all of the time. I go from being constipated to not being able to stop pooping on and off. I have to pee every five seconds. Getting no sleep because of all of the above. I’m pretty miserable and I’m sure everyone around me is tired of my attitude.

The best thing about pregnancy this week? We are soooooo close to being done with baby girl’s nursery!!

What’s different about baby #3 than with Jude and Hattie’s pregnancies? I think being so out of shape is really getting to me this time.

I’m nervous about: giving birth… I hope it goes smoothly!

Other thoughts: I can’t believe we meet Alice next month. In a way, this pregnancy has flown by. But it also drags. It’s weird!