Baby Three: 19 Weeks

Today is 4/20/20 which means I’m 19 weeks, 1 day!

Baby Lamotta is due 9/13/20!

Baby is the size of a gameboy!

Baby Lamotta is a GIRL. According to the sneak peek test I did at 8 weeks, we are having another girl! My symptoms definitely felt girl to me. It’s a pretty accurate test but I’m still holding my breath for the ultrasound confirmation this week!

I’ve gained… Not sure but I’ll know in two days!

Midwife appointment this week? Yes! I have my anatomy scan Wednesday. I’m pretty bummed that because of COVID-19 Jordan can’t come. This is my last pregnancy and he didn’t get to come with Hattie either.

Current mood: Tired! I slept so much last night. Getting this house ready to sell has kicked my butt.

Cravings: I love me some ranch lately but not exactly craving it.

Food Aversions: Mexican and meat – especially beef.

Currently rocking: maternity jeans and a red old navy maternity long sleeve Henley.

TMI: gas, mostly.

The best thing about pregnancy this week? I felt baby girl move around finally! It is such a strange and wonderful feeling. 🙂

What’s different about baby #3 than with Jude and Hattie’s pregnancies? I forget that I’m pregnant. I’m not around many people with the stay at home order so sometimes I forget!

I’m nervous about: Not pregnancy related but I’m nervous about selling my house!

Other thoughts: I’m really focused on the house selling and trying not to think too far into the future at the moment. I want to be sure we can move into our forever home and I’m ready to do that so I can get started on a nursery!