Baby One: 38 Weeks

*Please note, this post was originally published on my former blog “Here Comes Baby One” on May 3, 2012. I’m republishing this content on this website to have it all in one place. Hope you enjoy digging up memory lane with me!


I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday and the doctor asked if I had an ultrasound lately and I said no so they scheduled one for me for Wednesday. Looking back, she did seem a littletoo  reassuring when she kept saying they just want to check his size, that’s all. Maybe she could tell? Anyway, when I had the ultrasound done, the tech told me that he weighed 6lbs 3oz which was within normal but definitely on the lower side for me being pretty much 38 weeks. She even showed me where that was on a line graph thing. But she didn’t seem worried so I thought it wasn’t a big deal. So I go to the room to wait for the doctor and I swear I waited like twenty minutes (and at this point, you have to be half naked every time so it’s a little uncomfortable to just be sitting on that table thing in the nude) and when the doctor came in, he seemed worried. He showed me a piece of paper with a bunch of numbers that I had no idea what any of it meant but he said that the reason he took so long to come in was because he was speaking with one of the other doctors about those numbers. He said that Jude’s weight is only 21% in the normal range. He said that it’s not HORRIBLE but definitely didn’t make him happy. He said if he was in the 10% range that I’d no question been induced right away. He checked to see if I was dilated but I was still at one centimeter but I was starting to thin out. He said that I have to go back next wednesday and they are going to hook me up to a fetal monitor for a while and check some things and see if I’m dilated. If I’ve dilated any more or if they find anything on the monitor, they will induce me next Thursday for sure. Basically, Jude isn’t growing enough/properly inside of me and he needs to be out to grow better. He is hoping that I go into labor on my own though. He said that they definitely won’t let me go late so as of now, I know the longest I’ll be able to go before they induce me is the 17th (my due date) but the odds that I go that long are slim. I asked the doctor if there was a reason Jude isn’t growing normal, like if I did something… he said that it’s normally when women smoke like two packs a day. But he also said it’s the positioning of something and the baby doesn’t get enough oxygen or something like that… not sure the technical mumbo jumbo. But it still makes me a little sad that even though I tried really hard to eat better and enough, I still have a baby the size of someone who smokes while pregnant! What can a girl do though? 🙁
So right now, I am praying that I don’t have to be induced because of MANY reasons (I wanted a natural birth but pitocin stresses out the baby and makes labor more painful so it might be harder to go without pain meds- and on top of that, if I get an epidural it slows down labor which means a snowball effect of needing more pitocin, then needing more epidural because the pain gets worse, over and over until the baby eventually is under so much stress they end up doing a C section. Not cool either way! Of course this doesn’t always happen but believe me, I’ve done my research and if you don’t believe me – watch Ricki Lake’s documentary “The Business of being Born” – you learn A LOT!).
So basically, if any of you have any tips to help me go into labor in the next few days, I’d love to hear them! I know nothing works for sure but hey, I’ll try anything not to be induced! 🙂
How far along? 38 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: About 30-31 lbs as of yesterday
Maternity clothes? only a little longer!
Stretch marks? still none on my stomach
Sleep: Tuesday night I had THREE separate dreams where Jude was born.. I think it’s a sign he wants out!
Best moment this week: getting most of the house clean and buying some of the stuff we didn’t get off our registries with gift cards 🙂
Miss Anything? Being able to walk normally and get in a good position sitting or lying down
Movement: A lot of movement still but it’s starting to hurt! But he also gets hiccups which is adorable.
Food cravings: Fruit still and chocolate
Anything making you queasy or sick: eggs, mexican, meat
Gender: Boy!
Symptoms: The heartburn is still god awful and I had to sleep sitting up again the other night… Round ligament pain underneath my belly and groin area is awful…
Labor Signs: None!
Belly Button in or out? in but getting pretty flat
Happy or Moody most of the time: depends on the day. Who knew nesting could make a pregnant girl so happy?
Looking forward to: meeting Jude sooner than planned!