Baby One: 37 Weeks

*Please note, this post was originally published on my former blog “Here Comes Baby One” on April 22, 2012. I’m republishing this content on this website to have it all in one place. Hope you enjoy digging up memory lane with me!


How far along? 37 weeks! I’m fullllll term 🙂 (this was supposed to be posted on thursday! I’m always late!)
Total weight gain/loss: I swear it fluctuates each day… on Monday it was 34 lbs and then Tuesday is was back down to 28 lbs…
Maternity clothes? God I miss my regular clothes!
Stretch marks? still none on my stomach
Sleep: They are so crazy when I remember them.
Best moment this week: Both baby showers & taking Maternity pics with AE Photography. Check out Alison’s facebook page here:
Miss Anything? Work! I went to the doctor on Monday for my check up and was fine and then late (around 2am) Monday night I was having trouble breathing and some contractions and ended up passing out. When I got up that morning I had a horrible headache and called the doctor (I swear they put us on hold for like an hour and kept passing us off back and forth to different people before they finally said to come in) and went in. They said my blood pressure was higher than normal and that I had to have bloodwork and then take a jug home and pee in it for 24hrs and bring it back the next day. He ALSO took me out of work because of my blood pressure and the contractions. Luckily the test was normal so I don’t have toxemia 🙂 But I do miss working because I have hardly any interaction with anyone other than Ben now…
Movement: He seems pretty uncomfortable with how much he adjusts.
Food cravings: Not many anymore other than mint chocolate chip ice cream! mmmm!
Anything making you queasy or sick: eggs, mexican, meat
Gender: Boy 🙂
Symptoms: The heartburn has reached an all-time high. I swear I had to sleep upright the other night because I literally was having the acid come back up my throat and swallowing it. I eat tums like they are candy. The swelling has gone down tremendously since I stopped working which is good. I find myself having mood swings between really excited to really sad. I also am ALWAYS hungry no matter how often I eat.
Labor Signs: Just some contractions Monday night but none since 🙂 I do have really bad round ligament pain that’s really low under my belly/groin area so I know he definitely getting lower.
Belly Button in or out? in!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody… but I am happy to meet my little man soon 🙂
Looking forward to: meeting Jude in the next few weeks!!
Work Baby Shower Pics:
Ben’s Church Baby Shower Pics:
A PREVIEW of Maternity Pics by AE Photography: