Babies, Babies, Babies

*Please note, this post was originally published on my former blog “Here Comes Baby One” on October 3, 2011. I’m republishing this content on this website to have it all in one place. Hope you enjoy digging up memory lane with me!


I’ve been super stressed the past week and have been crying/yelling/arguing like crazy for no apparent reason. While I’m upset that my travel plans are put on hold for a while, I’m finally starting to feel okay about being a “mommy”…. okay, maybe not the mommy part yet but I’m getting there! I’ve been extremely lucky thus far to not have any morning sickness although the nausea has been pretty awful (especially when I smell or even THINK about certain foods – like scrambled eggs for instance- yuck!). I have had the horrible mood swings, crying for no reason, food cravings beyond belief (Just last night we had to go all the way to walmart because the two grocery stores near us were closed and I just NEEDED kettle corn and root beer… and ended up needing oranges too once we got there. Weird, I know.) and extreme fatigue and back pain. I have always been someone who could sleep forever but lately it’s like I could be sleeping all day and be perfectly content. I do any kind of moving around and I want to nap for ages. It sucks! 

I am starting my new job at Wells Fargo on the 12th and I am just praying that I can handle the 8:30-5 days without wanting to fall asleep. It kind of sucks being pregnant and no one knowing because I feel like they think I’m fat or lazy and really, I CAN’T HELP IT! But ya gotta do what ya gotta do and I’m just not ready to tell the whole world that I’m expecting. Especially since making it through at least 9 weeks or even the first trimester is a hurdle and I’d hate to go back to a million people and have to say J/K I’m not pregnant..  That would just be TOO MUCH for me to take.

So in the mean time, I’m going to see if I can find an OBGYN that I like and continue to stalk everyone on facebook who is pregnant or has newborns because they are just too cute! 

Look at me, I’m finally saying pregnant people are cute. And to think, just last month I wanted to throw up when I saw a pregnant belly….