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Hi! I’m Katie. I now have two adorable tiny human that calls me mommy. I spend a lot of my time writing, whether it’s blog posts, essays, proposals, short stories, or novels. I have an obsession with lipstick because Sephora is evil and addicting. My friends nicknamed me Krumbles in college because they couldn’t pronounce my last name. I’m a Type A most of the times, unless I’m a Type B. My closet is color-coordinated, I’d forget what I’m doing each day if it wasn’t in my calendar, and I’m slowly embracing this thing called “meal planning” because I really need to get my ish together. I love a tall glass sauvignon blanc, an ice-cold dark & stormy, and almost any pasta dish. I’ve been to the majority of Europe, some of the caribbean, and quite a bit of the US and Canada. Although, I’ve booked vacations literally all over the world. If I haven’t been there yet, you can bet it’s probably on my list!

When I was just a little child, my parents threw me into a Canadian maroon van that had blinds on the window (fashionable, I know), seated next to my brother, and headed for our next adventure. I fell asleep, my mouth wide open, drool slowly dripping down my chin, and when I awoke, we were in another country. This is how I spent three years of my childhood, traipsing around Europe every weekend with my family. Needless to say, ever since I’ve been chasing my next adventure while writing any kind of story I can. Whether it’s a young adult fiction novel, a travel dating story, or my struggles as a single mom, I love writing in any of its forms. Luckily now I can add writing about my hunk of a partner, Jordan, and our lively, creative kiddos.

I’d love to hear from you! Please use the contact info below to reach out. Happy Reading!

the jet-setting mama

the jet-setting mama

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  1. Wendy murphy | 28th Aug 18

    I read the story you wrote about loosing your Mom was so good and so accurate that I really needed to thank you. I just lost my Mother and even though you and I have never had the chance to meet, I felt like there was someone else out there that knew what I was feeling, and that really helped me. Everyone thought I should have been over it as soon as the funeral was over, and right now I don’t know if I will ever get over it. My daughter and I were my Mother’s care givers, keeping her alive the past 31/2 years and now I had to let her go. I was helping until after she had taken her last breath and the funeral home took her away. I miss her every minute of every day and yes I cry a lot and have never been known as a cryer. I have been hiding out taking some time for me and really haven’t felt like being around people right now . This is a lonely path to be on but one that we will all travel one day. Your article really helped me in so many ways and I would just like to say Thank you for sharing your story. I hope others can read it before loosing their Mothers and help them appreciate what a beautiful gift she is. I would give everything I own for one more day, one more I love you, one more hug, one more look at her beautiful face. I am sure you understand and would probably give the same. Sincerely Wendy Murphy

    • Katie | 11th Sep 18

      Hi Wendy,

      My apologies that I’m just now seeing this! I’m going to respond as soon as I get to a computer. ❤️


    • Katie | 21st Jan 19

      Hi Wendy,

      Your story touched me. I apologize I never came back to this like I inteded. Suprisingly, I have gotten a lot of messages over the last year from others reading that article and finding me through here and gmail, facebook, instagram, etc. It has been a blessing and a curse. I feel a tremendous amount of pressure to be all-knowing and give advice for how to get on with life after the loss of a mom… but in the same breath, I know that I’m just struggling as much as the next person. I do know that there are some things that heal the loneliness, although I’m sure this is different for everyone. For me, it’s my children, my fiance, writing, reading, etc. Doing something that I know my mom would have been proud of helps too. I’m sure there are things in your life that would brighten your day – I hope you still do these things. It’s hard to “stay strong” and honestly, you shouldn’t ever feel like you need to. Losing a parent is hard. Don’t let anyone ever take that away from you. You are allowed to grieve however you need for as long as you need.


  2. CptKD | 31st Oct 18

    I’ve always been a ‘Writer’ of Sorts!
    Poetry, Short Stories & Lyrics for my Musician Friends . . .
    I Lost my Mom but a few days ago & In in that loss – I am LOST!
    It took all I had to type “I lost my Mom – Now, I’m lost, too”
    Google – Happened to bring me, right to ‘YOU’!
    Thank You, for your words of Insight!
    Knowing & Simply, ‘GETTING IT’!
    I’m feeling so broken, brokenhearted & Broken-Spirited!
    With no place to hide, nor any desire to even really do so …
    The ache is intense – Most Immeasurable & Deep!
    There is NOTHING,
    That can bring it, any resolve or relief!

    I just want my Mommy back … 😢

    • Katie | 21st Jan 19

      I feel your pain, CptKD. I’m so glad you found me and my words may have helped in some way. I hope you are getting on as best you can and being kind to yourself. Hugs.

  3. Richard Ceballo | 11th Nov 18

    Morning Katie,
    I just came across your article about “Losing Moms”… I just lost my wife-Unexpectactly and my 8 year old son lost his MOM……Your words of wisdom has supplied me with encouragement and sound advice I can try and transfer to my son……This is not a road I want to be on, and I have not taken many steps…. My focus is on my son and help him get through day by day…..But, your words somehow expressed how I have been feeling. And, I wanted to say thank you and God bless you and your family because I know it takes a lot of courage and strength to write the things you write. But, Thank you….

    • Katie | 21st Jan 19

      Hi Richard,

      I wish I could reach through the screen and give you a big hug. Losing a partner is not a pain I have experienced directly, but I know from watching my dad lose the love of his life how terrible that kind of pain can be. While I think it is admirable that you are focusing on your son, I hope that you have been kind to yourself as well. You both are going through something very hard. Make sure you lean on one another. <3 It helps to have someone to walk the path with. Thank you for your kind words. While I like to think I'm full of strength and courage, it's in my blood to write how I feel. I guess you can say my mom gave me that. <3 Hugs.

  4. Rachel | 5th Dec 18

    Hello! My husband and I had our first child last year. We were joking about the next step and he suggested starting a travel agency called Here or There! When I saw this page I had to reach out 🙂 Love how you’ve created a business around raising your family! Very inspiring!!!

    • Katie | 4th Mar 19

      Thank you so much, Rachel. Good luck! 🙂

  5. Fay | 21st Dec 18

    Hi Katie,
    I lost my mother to cancer as well. It hasn’t even been a year yet. Reading your article was helpful because at times, I feel so lost and no one that is not a part of the ‘I lost a mom club’ gets it. I had a good cry while I read your article. Thank you for taking the time to do that.

    • Katie | 21st Jan 19

      Hi Fay,

      Thank you for reaching out to me. I apologize that I’m just now seeing your note. Sending you lots of hugs, love, and light. I know this journey is not easy and I’m sure the holidays were extra hard this year. Please make sure you take care of yourself. It’s easy to get lost in your grief. I’m here if you need a friend. <3

      xo, Katie

  6. Kaa | 27th Feb 19

    I read your article about losing your mom and I can connect I lost my mom from cancer too at 6 years old and 11 years old now I’m still greiving it really helped me thank you

    • Katie | 4th Mar 19

      I’m glad it helped. <3 I'm here if you need to talk.

  7. Enzo | 14th Dec 19

    I kind of fell and somehow relate to you. Let me share a story on how I grew up with my Mom as a teenager. It all started when I was 18. Me & my parents, were petitioned by my grandmother (Mother mother’s Side) we were fortunate and very happy on the excitement in going to America for the first time. It was our dream to see those places where we see in the movies; like Disney Land, Las Vegas, LA, etc. After our first time stepping into another country, we’ve felt the breeze and environment which is very different whenever it comes to our Country. We’ve finally felt and experienced the place where we dreamed to go. Along the process, we’ve explore important places to gather or receive the important proof of our living in US; like ID, part of the property we’ll live, and so on so forth. After receiving all of the things that are required. That is where the fun kicks in. We’ve visited so many places which is dissimilar to our country. We tasted so many cuisines, restaurants, fast food chains, and small stores to try out. We’ve totally enjoyed everything there, till my dad decided to return to our hometown. The reason he chose to go back was, because he never gets along with my grandma. Thus, he left us both (me & my mom). To acquire the benefits which is given to us, along the road, we undergone different events. And situations which never happened before.

    It was very wise to choose to stay in US, because just like I mentioned; our benefits answered all our needs. Like Medication, Check-up, Doctor, Hospital, & Emergency; Coz In our country, it was nightmare. It totally gave me goosebump, especially when I was just 15 yrs/o. My mom was sent to the emergency in our country, because her state is dangerous. Her heart was palpitating, beating so fast that it might cause her to die. Thus, my relatives there, mostly considered my grandparents. They decided to handle the payment on the Emergency; to perform the operation, we have to pay $24k to proceed for the operation. My grandpa was able to cover the $20k, thus, we lack $4000. Thankfully my grandfather’s sibling (other 9 siblings) divided the remaining bill. After answering the remainder, the operation was performed. Since we were able to afford the surgery. After her operation, she was kept to the hospital for 3 months. Coz she was tripled bypass, to control her heart’s palpitation; addition to that process, she was given by 5-10 medications. Just to safely control her condition. Along the line, after her discharge on the hospital. She was no longer that strong to walk, carry heavy stuffs, and eat that much. Because it might cause her to palpitate again, worst case, she is also diabetic.

    “TBH, that $24k is expensive in our country. You could almost buy 2 mansions.”

    In that situation, I was totally frightened. Because if ever she would need another surgery, we might not be able to afford it anymore. Additional to this dilemma, her medications were expensive, it almost cost $600 per week, in total of $2400 a month, $28800 per year. Don’t think that’s it, she also takes a dialysis 3 times a week. Per day costs $200, so~ ($600 a week; $2400 a month; $28800 a year) all in all, we spent $57600 a year for her every needs. That’s why, she is very fortunate to live in America. To handle the expenses for her daily needs. What an awesome advantage…

    Then comes the disadvantage… my grandma is diabetic and also takes dialysis. It’s understandable that she’s in a bad situation. However, her treatment is way overboard. She always yell, speaks to people with a harsh voice, & always brags about her effort and sacrifices to obtain our owning place. I’ve tolerated her prideful attitude, for 7 years. Along the process, my mom’s condition is worsening. Where one night, she knocked on the wall on my bedroom. Calling for me to visit her. I then entered her room. “Son, sit down. I want to talk to you privately.” I sat down on the bed. “what is it mom?” “son, do you prefer staying here in US?” “Yes. Why?” “Don’t you feel irritated and annoyed with your grandma’s treatment to us?” At that moment, I thought about her reasoning. I knew already, that living in that house is tormenting. But… I cannot agree to her request “Son… can we go back to our hometown?I don’t wanna stay here anymore. Coz as I said, your grandma is giving me headache. She’s doing lunatic.” I smirk a bit after hearing my mom mention that; then again, I still thought of staying. Because of my fear on paying for her every needs and requirement. As I said before, we’re not that rich and able to afford that expensive payment bills. Night at night, my mom knocks on the wall. Calling for me to talk about the idea of going home. After few times of hearing and experiencing her say those, I’ve finally decided what to do.

    I’ve heard from my friend in SF, staying there to study here in America. So I was happy and glad to hear that from him. Thus where the solution comes in. I’ve packed my things on 2 luggages, I placed every thing I need. Then I planned to buy a ticket ride to that place. After setting things up; one night, I’ve revisited my mom to listen to her plead. I’ve didn’t respond, and just started at her. Thus, she remained silent as well. There I went back to my bedroom. Till that night, I’ve waited for the opportunity to escape that house. After everyone was sleeping, I carefully sneaked out of my bedroom, carrying along my things. After successfully maneuvering the alarming calls, I’ve gently opened the door and carefully close it down. Finally, I was able to escape from the house. Then I quietly went to the Bus Stop, waited for it till it arrived. I rode it and went to the location of the transportation ride. Successfully, I’ve transferred and went to the CalTrain. To straightly Head to SF. after a long ride, my journey ends. I was able to reach my friend, and there…I stayed with him for a bit.

    3 years of staying in Cupertino, I’ve experienced and learned lots of jobs. Maintenance, Waiter, Housekeeper, Cashier, Volunteering, Gardening, Laundry, & Dishwasher. My exploration was outstandingly learned a lot. Until that fateful day, my uncle (mom’s young brother) called me and informed me that… my mom already passed away. I was shock, but at the same time glad. Because she won’t suffer her condition, side-effects of medications, dialysis, BP & sugar checking, as well as injecting of Insulin. Right before I even left her, she can only walk half a meter. In short; I was happy.

    Thus, I was invited to visit my mom’s funeral, I saw her face; appreciating her rest from pain and discomfort. My relatives on my mom’s mother side discussed on what to do with my mom’s body. Either bury her in US, or send her corpse in our hometown. They knew already that my father and sister wants my mom to be at our hometown. But the problem is, sending a body away is expensive. Thus, they’ve chose to cremate her body. After that, I’ve was given a ticket to bring home my mother’s ashes. After my short journey, upon reaching my hometown. My father was devastated at me, as well as my sister infuriated and at the same time; crying for the grief of our mother dying alone. For a month, both of them didn’t speak to me nicely. They were both aggravated to my action. But deep within, I didn’t care. Because I was more delighted to know my mom already resting peacefully without pain. Thus, after a month. My father and sister, slowly opened to me and accepted my sin. It took a while, but it was progressing. Along the line, we 3 spent our time together to get along and get over the tragedy that happened. Until the end, we finally made up and overcome our sadness & grief.

    At that end, I was happy; At the same time sad. Because I’ve lost my mom for an early age of 52 yrs old. I was expecting somewhat further years to be with her. But as I decided and understood. I’ve tolerated the poison I’m going through. The gift which my mom left to me, was her love and care till the very end. I will never forget her advices and lesson; Her smile and impression with my idiocy and sarcastic behavior; Her delicious foods and sweets she made; Her awesome display and demonstration of how doing things. She was very special to me, to the point it hurts so much… whenever I see a child holding hands with their mother. Them getting together and smiling together.

    I will never forget how she raised me and my sister; how she kid around; and sarcastically scold our dad.

    Two things I will always remember

    1. Mom & Dad

    Me: mom? Where’s dad?
    Mom: he’s probably in the tree, hiding like a monkey again.
    Me: mom. How did you meet dad?
    Mom: as I said son. I saw him in the tree, goofing around like a moron.
    Me: mom, were you Happy to marry dad?
    Mom: son… I’ve totally regretted marrying a complete idiot like him. I’ve been wondering still, why did I marry a dimwit monkey… *sigh*
    Me: *smile*

    2. Me & Mom

    Mom: how’s my cooking? *stare*
    Me: mom. You’re evil.
    Mom: *surprised* why? What did I do?
    Me: coz your food is so delicious! *smile*
    Mom: hahaha! *blushing*

    In the end, My love to her and care of her to me will always remain in my memory and heart. One thing for certain, me, my sister, & dad. Were very fortunate to have a person like her in our Family.

  8. Shilpa | 22nd Mar 20

    Hi Katie,
    I lost my mom to cancer too just 2 months back.. I’m exactly feeling the way u hv mentioned everyday I’m going mad, crying feeling jealous when I see children with the mom etc… it’s been two months since I spoke to anybody n I’m surviving only with having coffee tea not feeling to eat as well 24/7 i keep crying missing her to the core unable to explain n feel like committing suicide… I hv tried to harm myself most of the tim.. my mind is not ready to accept the truth tat she is no more… I’m married n my son is 3.7 yrs old… not living with husband only me n my son… loneliness is killing me n missing my mom like anything

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