A Boy and His First Commercial


Recently, my son was cast as an extra in his first commercial. Because of the rules with social media, I wasn’t allowed to talk about the experience until after it aired. I’m so excited to finally tell you all about the Food Lion commercial Jude was a part of! He ended up hitting the editing room floor post-production, but it was still worth telling you about.

It wasn’t light out yet when we left the house!

Jude and I both auditioned together for a principle role, but we didn’t get the part. When they emailed that they were hiring for extras for young children, I submitted Jude and he was chosen.

Eating his first meal at Craft Services!
Super excited!

We arrived at set around 7am. We ate at craft services and since I knew I wasn’t going to be in it, I didn’t bother putting on make up and was just wearing leggings and a long black tunic. Jude loved his muffin and luckily I’d brought extra snacks for him because he is beyond picky!

We ended up waiting in holding most of the day. Jude had been woken up way earlier than normal so his nap schedule was all thrown off. This made him a bit of a terror to be around most of the morning. When we were on set, we were told that one of the girls was going to be his pretend mom. Jude was not having it. Hepretty much threw a fit the entire time we were on set, biting and scratching and hitting me non stop.

Being that we were on set, I couldn’t exactly punish him because then he’d go into all out tantrum mode and scream and cry and then I’d have an even bigger problem. So we were sent back to holding until we were needed. I’d like to think they weren’t judging my parenting but I seriously doubt that. Oh well, if they have kids hopefully they understood.IMG_0521
By the second time, we were given news that I would be able to be in the commercial as well so he’d be more comfortable.

See that beautiful red scratch on my cheek, courtesy of Jude? 🙁

He was in a cart and I just had to walk across the background. Of course this happens when I have zero make up on and although it’d been a lot of waiting all day, we were suddenly filming with no time for
make up application. I was bummed. On top of that, he had just scratched me so badly I had a bright red line across my cheek. Yay, momma. I was totally winning at this parenting on set thing.

When we were done with the shot, we went back to holding. They told me Jude was done but they may need me again so we waited a few more hours. I tried to keep him occupied and some of the other actors helped but it was exhausting. Finally we had lunch, which Jude loved eating under the big tent. Then we went back to holding for a couple more hours.


Finally, we were let go and could go home. I was so exhausted but excited that
as I was walking back to my car, we ran intoMandy, one of my friends I’d done a movie with called Blood Done Sign My Name back in 2009ish. I felt bad that I didn’t IMG_0527have much stamina left to talk with her but was so happy to see her. It’d been so long!
We made it back home, Jude passing out as soon as I started the car even. And we both went to bed early that night.
It was a fun experience, and Jude to this day asks me when we are going to do another commercial. But honestly, mama can’t take that kind of pressure (or facial injuries) anymore. So for now, we will leave the commercials alone until homeboy is better behaved. 😉


  1. Laura | 4th Jun 16

    What a fun experience, but yeah, I would have been exhausted as well. Hope you’re having a great weekend!


    • Katie | 6th Jun 16

      Thanks, Laura! Definitely fun, but so exhausting!

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