6 Reasons to Experience Pirates Voyage

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.*

Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is scheduled to re-open on May 9. Check their site for more information about this dinner attraction’s re-opening date – they will post additional information as it becomes available.

Recently, I was invited to come down to Myrtle Beach to see Pirates Voyage with my family (Thank you for hosting me!). We stayed at the Hampton Inn Myrtle Beach-Northwood and enjoyed exploring Myrtle Beach Friday evening and during the day on Saturday. My kids love the beach so they were still excited to look for seashells even in the freezing cold. Pirates Voyage is in the perfect location to have a quick weekend stay or make a week of it.

There are many aspects of Pirates Voyage that make it the ideal show when in Myrtle Beach. Below, I’ve summed up the six reasons why I think every family needs to go see this show – RIGHT NOW. It’s in its tenth season, y’all. That should say something! I’ve consistently heard people recommend it when traveling to Myrtle and was excited to see the show again from a new perspective. My eight year old and two year old had the best time. It was a joy to watch their faces light up during the show.

Six Reasons to See Pirates Voyage When You’re in Myrtle Beach

  • From kids to adults, this show is for everyone! I was a little nervous bringing my two year old. We saw the show last year when she was eighteen months old and she did great but now at almost two and a half, I was nervous she’d throw a typical two year old tantrum at some point and I’d have a hard time keeping her entertained. That was not the case AT ALL. In fact, I have photographic evidence that she was completely enthralled in the entire show! And when in doubt, the fun drinks you can buy are totally worth the few bucks for bribes. I only had to use it once (to my dismay).
  • You can go multiple times and it doesn’t get old. As I said, we went last summer and had a blast. However, we didn’t know what we were getting into since it was a last minute decision and we didn’t get to the pre-show right at the beginning. This time, I made sure we were there quite a bit earlier than the start of the show so we could really get the full experience. Doing so, we were able to shop the gift shop, get front row seats, and get drinks and nachos before the show even started. My son enjoyed getting the meet and greet from all of the Pirates! Because we were on the blue side this time and had been on the red side before, we felt like we were watching a brand new show. The perspective change was a great way to make it feel new!
  • The upgraded seats are inexpensive and totally worth it. Last time we went, we paid for the closer seats and were in the third row. I felt like it was a great place to be. This time, we were front row and WOW – it was magic. We could practically touch the pirates as they performed. While every seat is a great seat, I truly believe the upgraded seats are worth it.
  • The extras are worth it, too. So many times, I feel like we do activities where they offer add-ons that are expensive and not worth the price. That is not the case at Pirates Voyage. They have a gift shop with reasonably priced pirate and mermaid souvenirs (my son got a pirate monkey and my daughter got a mermaid keychain) and items to complete your mermaid or pirate wardrobe. In addition, they offer a $19.99 package where your child can “join the crew” and they are turned into a pirate or mermaid! This includes props and face painting. While we opted out since my daughter won’t sit still for it and my son has a weird aversion to face paint, I am certain that my daughter would love this once she’s a little older. So many kids did this and they looked adorable!
  • They have kid-friendly food options. The hardest part of going to activities like this are finding food options that my kids will eat. They are both picky eaters who live off mac and cheese and PBJs. Luckily, when booking your tickets you can choose a vegetarian option. This vegetarian option still comes with the soup, rolls, potato, and corn. Instead of the meat, you are given a large plate of pasta with veggies and a side of tomato sauce. If you’d like to opt out of the soup, they will give your child a fruit cup instead. I did this for my daughter and it worked out great. Our server, Dana, was such a doll and made sure we were taken care of the entire time.
  • A member of your party can’t make it? They’ll still get to enjoy one of the best dinners around. That’s right, the staff will still make their meal and box it up for you to take home! My husband was unable to make the trip like planned and he was grateful when we came home the next day with the entire meal for him. Well, I ate the soup because I couldn’t resist. It’s my favorite! Don’t tell him. 😉
We were so close!
Just got settled in our seats.
During the pre-show!

We loved our trip to Myrtle Beach to see Pirates Voyage! Are you planning a trip to Myrtle in the future? Make sure you add Pirates Voyage to your must-do list. Acrobatics, mermaids, Pirates, parrots, sea lions, dogs, and drama – what more could you want?! Comment below with any questions!