6 Baby Registry Items You Really Don’t Need

6 Baby Registry Items You Really Don’t Need

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I know it’s tempting to put ALL.THE.THING. on your baby registry, but remember, some of these things you don’t actually need and you’d be better off getting other goodies from your friends and fam. These are 6 items I left off my baby registry because I really didn’t need them, and you don’t either! Do you agree with these baby registry items you don’t need?

  • Wipes Warmer – I know it’s tempting to cater to your newborn and provide them a bit more comfort during diaper changes but I PROMISE you, getting them used to a warm wipe is not the way to go. What will you do when you’re out of the house and you have to put a wipe on your little one’s tush? I can guarantee you they will scream bloody murder if you don’t get them used to the cold. Don’t register for it. You’ll thank me in the long run.
  • Changing Table – Having enough space for children already proves to be a challenge for most people. Do yourself a favor and skip the changing table. Register for just a changing pad instead and stick it on top of a dresser (that’s the right height). This way, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. I use the top drawer of the dresser for extra diapers/wipes/ointment/etc.
  • Baby Shoes – Babies don’t need shoes until they start walking, and even then, barefoot is best to help babies use their toes to grip and develop their muscles correctly. If they must wear shoes when they’re learning to walk, flexible shoes are best. Since you don’t have to worry about this right away, go ahead and leave it off the registry. I found that even 0-3 month shoes don’t fit most 0-3-month olds anyway.
  • Crib Bumpers – These have actually proved dangerous and are no longer recommended by the AAP or SIDS groups. There’s danger for entrapment and strangulation from these – even the mesh kind. I used mesh ones for my first kid because I thought they’d prevent his limbs from getting caught but they still ended up getting caught between the rungs of the crib. They look pretty sometimes, but they really aren’t needed.
  • Walker – I haven’t used a walker with either of my kids. Why? The AAP urges parents to abstain from using baby walkers because of potential dangers and the risk of impeding development. While the name makes you think that a walker would actually help your baby walk, babies who use a walker can actually be delayed walking for a month because of the use of a walker. Because babies learn to “walk” on their tiptoes and not on their heels, this doesn’t give your baby a chance to develop their leg muscles properly for crawling, sitting, and walking because they are tightening their legs. Babies are ready to walk, when they’re read to walk! By using a walker, you’re restricting their movement and not allowing for correct muscle control. Since they aren’t good for development and they can be dangerous (there have been many injuries, and even deaths!). Best to leave this one off your list! (Note: walkers where babies PUSH them are just fine!)
  • Video Monitor – A good ol’ fashion baby monitor can serve you just fine and cushion the pocket still. There’s no need for video. I understand the appeal – you want to SEE baby! But you’ll find yourself staring at the screen rather than participating in whatever other task you set out to do while baby was in another room, thus defeating the purpose altogether. A regular monitor works fine.

Runner up!

Until your little one is a bit older, you actually don’t even need a crib! Yep, you read that right. Both my children slept in a Fischer Price Rock n Play. My daughter is 4 months old and still using it, and my son used his until he was 6 months old. Don’t stress out about the crib. You could even use a pack and play or a Guava Lotus Crib (my favorite travel crib!) if you want to hold out and skip the crib altogether before moving to a toddler bed. Just a thought!

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