5 Must-Have Rolling Carry-ons for Summer

rolling carry-ons

I’m getting ready for my trip to Barcelona and Lisbon in July and it occurred to me that since I’ll be in my third trimester, I’m probably not going to want to lug around a backpack like I usually do as a carry on. Therfore, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect rolling carry-on that will hook up to my regular luggage but will also allow me to roll it through airports after I’ve checked my bigger bag. Below are some of my favorite finds via Amazon! I wish I could get them all. Which one is your favorite?

1. Hang Accessories Trolley Bag – Not only is this bag functional with all its inner pockets that are perfect for cell phones and laptops, but it has a fun tablet pocket on the outside where the handle is located. While this one doesn’t seem to connect directly to the bigger luggage, it’s so fashionable that I’d be happy to wear it on my arm. It comes in both blue, green, and black (my fav!). You can purchase this stylish bag here: Crocodile Rolling Carry On Trolley Bag – Wheeled travel, work, and weekend tote.

2. Patent Computer Carry-on Bag – This beautiful mint color is to die for! I love that this one can squish if it’s not full and it fits easily under the seat. It comes in mint and in black but mint is my favorite. While it doesn’t have the piggyback feature I’m looking for, it does seem like you could just loop the straps over your larger bag’s handle and be fine. You can purchase this adorable bag here: Patent 2-Wheel Computer/Laptop Rolling Bag Carry-On Trolley Tote Handbag (Turquoise)


3. Aerolite Carry-on Trolley – This bag is a gem! Not only does it come in fun colors like midnight blue, red, and purple, but it fits perfectly under the majority of airline seats. It has a bunch of compartments which makes it perfect to seprate all your electronics, food, clothes, etc and it has the coveted piggyback feature so you can attach it to your larger suitcase. Get this fun carry-on here: Aerolite – Aerolite Carry On Under Seat Wheeled Trolley Luggage Bag (Midnight Blue)


4. Lily Bloom Under the Seat Bag – I am obsessed with all of the fun patterns this bag comes in. And, there is just something about the shape of this bag that I just love. It’s got side pockets, a front pockets, and tons of pockets inside to easily sort your items. While this one doesn’t have the piggy back feature, it does have an awesome feature that most don’t: it uses biodegradable cotton canvas! How cool is that? It also stands up on its own nicely. You can purchase this one in a bunch of different patterns here: Lily Bloom Under The Seat Bag (On the Prowl)


5. Olympia Deluxe Overnight Roller – This bag has the cutest purple paisley pattern! I love the shape of this one and the spacious side pockets. While this one doesn’t have the piggyback feature, it does have large enough handles to slide over your larger luggage handle. I love that it’s super spacious and fits nicely under the airplane seats. You can purchase this affordable carry-on here: Olympia Deluxe Fashion Rolling Overnighter Travel Tote, Purple Paisley, One Size


Well, there you have it! I hope you like one of these 5 contenders and have a fabulous trip. Leave a comment and let me know where you’re headed!  And sign up for my newsletter to get a FREE travel packing list to help you fill up those awesome carry-ons!