“I was married, once. I married the first man I truly loved. Thought we had this whole fairy tale thing going on. It was, he was amazing. We were amazing. And then he did something, something stupid and thoughtless and mean. Kinda something I was not willing to forgive. So I left him and I left him behind and I went on and I live this whole other life now. And It’s good, it’s fine, I have a great guy, a doctor, my life is damn near perfect. But every once in a while I think about that guy and the fairy tale thing we had. I wonder if we’d still be amazing if we were together now. And I’ll never know. Cause the minute it got hard, the minute it stopped being a fairytale, I cut and ran. Real life is hard, real stuff takes work. Real life is sometimes heartless and mean. But that doesn’t cancel out the love. So if you don’t love this girl, walk away. But if you look at her and you know she’s the one, you owe it to yourself to give her a second chance.”

-Private Practice


  1. toconnell88 | 20th Nov 14

    That’s amazing. Very affecting.

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